Energy Conservation

????Perform green construction and green operation

Continue to manage energy conservation and loss reduction on the grid. Since 2004, SGCC's line loss has been reduced by an average of 0.2 percentage point every year. In 2009, the Corporation's line loss was reduced by 0.08 percent point, saving 1.94 TWh of power and 663,000t of standard coal.

Conduct generation rights transactions. The Corporation completed generation rights

transaction of 144.3 TWh, which saved 12.375 million tons of standard coal.

Publicize energy-eficient and consumption-reduction equipment, technologies and processes. SGCC designed and built resource-saving, environment-friendly, industrialized substations and resource-saving, environment-friendly transmission lines using new technology, new materials and new techniques, thus reducing land occupation by about 2%~3%, and investment by over 5%. SGCC also applied compact lines, multi-circuits on one tower, large-section conductors, heat-resistant conductors and other new technologies, increasing the unit corridor capacity of the lines by 20%~200%, and saving the corridor width by 50%~75% on year-on-year basis. The use of the high-strength steel saved 6%~8% steel. And with new energy-eficient clamps, vibration dampers and one-point grounding of strained sections, SGCC reduced nearly 1000 MWh of line loss per 100km of the 500kV line every year.

Adhere to environment friendly construction of the power grid. Implement green construction processes, apply unequal legs and undisturbed subsoil to reduce earthwork and protect vegetation; control the construction noises and restore the environment upon completion of construction. Publicize landscape architecture of transformer stations and lines to beautify the communities.

Actively enhance recycling of resources. The Company organized the SGCC Anhui gas, which will recycle an Company and 6 technical pilot units to reclaim, treat and reuse SF6 estimated 25t of SF gas every year, equivalent to a reduction of 600,000t of CO emission.

Implement demand-side power management. SGCC helped the National Development and Reform Commission issue the Measures for Demand-Side Power Management, which illed up the blank in the demand-side management system at the national level. With compilation of the Manual of Execution for Power Demand-Side Projects, the Corporation summarizes the implementation approaches for demand-side management projects. SGCC also issued a promotion plan for energy-storing technologies and enhanced demand-side management projects construction. The Corporation promoted 501 energy-storing technical programs over the year, which enabled 566.5 MW load of peak load shedding and valley filling.Raise energy utilization efficiency. Implement the annual heat pump promotion program to promote heat pumps, power replacing coal, electric heating with ceramic kilns and other alternative energy technologies. Over the year, we implemented 6,872 substitution programs, added 19.16 million square meters of a loor area with heating (cooling) supply and increased power sales by a total of 2.133 TWh. We implemented 75,418 projects in green lighting, efficient motor, reactive power compensation equipment and other technologies, saving 3.131 TWh in total.

Formulate and implement a plan for electrical vehicles promotion. Strengthen internal application inside the industry, determine the pilot construction plan for 75 electric vehicles charging stations and 6,209 charging piles, and establish solutions for the energy supply and operation of electric vehicles.

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