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  • SGCC Completes the Acquisition of SP's Australian Assets
    SGID and Singapore Power Limited (SP) completed the equity settlement in Australia. Chinese Consul General in Melbourne Song Yumin, SGCC EVP Du Zhigang and SP CEO Wong Kim Yin attended the ceremony. SGCC signed an agreement with SP to buy 60% stake in SPIAA and 19.9% stake in SP AusNet, both of which are Singapore Power's Australian assets.
  • SGCC Leadership Met with Brazilian MME Secretary-Executive
    On November 8, 2013, SGCC EVP Zheng Baosen met with the delegation led by visiting Secretary-Executive of Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) M??rcio Pereira Zimmermann at SGCC Headquarters. Both sides held talks regarding SGCC's business in Brazil.
SGCC Signed the Equity Acquisition Agreement with REN
SGCC President Liu Zhenya signed the Equity Acquisition Agreement with Parpublica and the Umbrella Agreement with REN at the signing ceremony held in Lisbon, Portugal in the morning of February 22 local time, which was chaired by Portuguese Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar.
Pan Xiaojun Inspects SGCC Representative Office in the Philippines and Visits Philippine Department of Energy and Energy Regulatory Commission
SGCC Head of Inspection Group Mr. Pan Xiaojun paid official calls to the Undersecretary of the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE), the Chairperson of the Philippine Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the Chinese Ambassador to Philippine from June 21st to 22nd in Manila, the Philippines.
Liu Zhenya Met With IBM President Samuel J. Palmisano and ABB CEO Joe Hogan
State Grid President Liu Zhenya met with IBM President Samuel J. Palmisano and his delegation at the Headquarters on May 10th, 2011. Both sides exchanged opinions about innovating cooperation model and strengthening in-depth R&D cooperation.
Liu Zhenya Meets with Swedish Statsminister Goran Persson
Goran Perssön, the Statsminister of Sweden received Mr Liu Zhenya, President of State Grid, who was there to attend the 2006 World Bio-Energy Development Summit in Jönköping, Sweden, on May 30.
Liu Zhenya Meets with Philippine President Arroyo
As part of the visiting Philippine President Arroyo's itinerary, she met with Liu Zhenya, President of State Grid in Xiamen on October 27.
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