Sino-Russia B2B Converter Station Project in Heihe Put into Trial Operation

Sino-Russia B2B Converter Station Project in Heihe, SGCC??s first international DC transmission project, was officially put into trial operation at 23:00 on December 31 2011, after finishing all system adjustments. It signified the commencement of transporting clean power purchased from Russia by SGCC to China. The overall goal to start operation in 2011 was achieved.

The project, with a transmission capacity of 750MW, is currently China??s largest power transmission and transformation project for power purchased from overseas. The project is a result of implementing the ??Going Global??national power strategy, and is important to promote Sino-Russia cooperation on energy and trade. The deployment of the project has accumulated experience for expanding on Sino-Russia energy co-operations, and born a strategic significance to enhance both sides?? complementarity of economic development and advantages and propel the rapid development on the energy industry as well as equipment manufacturing industry for both countries.

The Sino-Russia B2B Interconnection Project resumed reconstruction in May 2011. After 7 months?? joint endeavor from all workers, the project successfully run 168 hours in trial after all commissioning tasks, despite a tight time schedule, heavily-loaded tasks, and severe weather conditions.

Source: Department of DC Construction

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