SGCC Releases the First White Paper on Corporate Value of Its Kind

Summary: SGCC releases a White Paper on Corporate Value, first of its kind, to play a demonstrating role to other SOEs and upgrade its ability to create social value.

??We are committed to creating not only material wealth, but also technology wealth, the wealth of knowledge, and social wealth. ??- Quoted from the White Paper.

SGCC released a White Paper on Corporate Value ??Corporate Value: SGCC Always By Your Side??, first of its kind in Beijing on January 12, 2012, after releasing the first CSR Report, the first Guidance for the Implementation of CSR and the first White Paper on Development. The White Paper focuses on corporate growth and development by maximizing the integrated economic, social and environmental value. 

Vice Director of DRC Hou Yunchun, Director of Publicity Bureau of SASAC Lu Weidong, Party Secretary of Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Huang Qunhui, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Yang Qingbing, attended the press conference and delivered speeches. SGCC EVP Cao Zhi??an presented at the event and delivered a speech.

Leaders and experts spoke highly of SGCC??s method of putting CSR implementation as an important chance and realistic approach to transform the company??s development mode and innovate its management pattern. They said that the release of the White Paper was an important measure to mold a responsible SOE. While exerting important influence on SOEs?? reform and development, the action fully demonstrated SGCC??s sense of responsibility, which should be learned from by enterprises at large.

Cao Zhi??an said in his speech that in modern society, most social tasks were accomplished by organizations, especially by corporates as being the most important organizations. The existence of corporates is not only for their own interests, but also for social interests. However, to most people, companies are just for profits, which results in the inadequate research on corporates?? social property and social value, and their inconsistent awareness, thereby affecting corporates?? social function. As the world??s largest utility company with great influence and appeal, SGCC shoulders the responsibility to be a leader in researching and disseminating corporate??s social value, and exploring the method, condition and strategy of maximizing the integrated economic, social and environmental value, in order to stimulate other companies to build themselves into excellent organizations in the pursuit of maximum comprehensive value.

Cao Zhi??an also mentioned that by releasing the White Paper, SGCC intended to introduce its initial results on its thinking and research, explain the company??s transformation on development mode, present its action and accomplishment in maximizing the integrated economic, social and environmental value, as well as bring up its future efforts. It also aimed to call on every company to research and promote its own social value, and improve its development and operation pattern in the pursuit of maximized social value. Cao hoped that all walks of life could pay attention to and understand corporates?? social value, enhance mutual understanding and trust, better help, supervise and support enterprises to change their development mode, upgrade their behavior, and enhance their ability and level to create social value.

The White Paper comprehensively reviews the company??s efforts on transforming development pattern and maximizing the integrated economic, social and environmental value and showed its development strategy during the 12th Five-Year Plan period and its social value.

The White Paper illustrates the value of power grid companies to economic and social development from aspects of the power, the grid, and power grid companies. It points out that power grid companies are the main body to ensure safe power supply and serve thousands of households, the principle part to implement the energy strategy which impacts the national welfare and the people's livelihood, the major subject to lead independent innovation which influences industrial transformation and upgrading, and the critical element to allocate social resources and cultivate social citizenship, which has a high degree of public concern. The White Paper also explains the strategic method to maximize the company??s integrated value in terms of ensuring excellent power supply and constructing outstanding organization. The essence to ensure excellent power supply is to coordinate economic, social and environmental factors and realize safe, efficient, green and harmonious power supply. The core to construct outstanding organization is to maximize the integrated value. By deepening the ??Two Transformations??, implementing ??Three Expansions??, and being a model corporate citizen, SGCC strives to be an outstanding organization with the pursuit of maximized integrated value. (Reporters: Shi Xiaofei, Zeng Huijuan. Photo by Du Ping)

Source: State Grid News

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