SGCC White Paper on Corporate Value Receives Positive Feedbacks

SGCC released a White Paper on Corporate Value, which is the first of its kind among Chinese enterprises. The Paper ??Corporate Value: SGCC Always By Your Side?? has received positive feedbacks and attention from mainstream media.

Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang made important comment that the core value of SOEs is to serve the interest of the country and its people, and to contribute to the socialism with Chinese characteristics and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. SOEs, especially central SOEs, need to enhance their publicity and gain the recognition from the society to support their own development.

SASAC Director Wang Yong pointed out that the release of the White Paper was a result of the implementation of SOE ??Twelfth Five Year?? harmonious development strategy. It was also an innovative initiative to lead the undertaking of Chinese enterprises?? social responsibility. He hoped that SGCC could find a way of sustainable development with Chinese characteristics by maximizing the integrated economic, social and environmental value. 

SERC Chairman Wu Xinxiong believed that SGCC has played a leading role in taking actions to promote SOEs?? social value, which showed the adaptation to the social trend and expectations, as well as enhanced the company??s operation transparency, brand reputation and social influence.

CEC Chairman Wang Zhongyu considered the release of the White Paper a very good method to make the society know the company better and promote the company??s recognition and trust.

The release has gained the attention from China??s mainstream media, such as the People??s Daily, CCTV, and Xinhua. In-depth report and interpretation has been given regarding the Paper??s content, significance and value. The complete content is available on, which was republished by Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, and People??s daily. So far, more than 200,000 pieces have been reproduced on the Internet.

Source: Media Center

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