IEC Approves the Initiation of ??User-side Power Interconnection into the Grid?? Standard

Secretary of TC8 "System aspects for electrical energy supply" of IEC Mr. Simone Botton wrote to SAC confirming the approval and establishment of the initiation of ??User-side Power Interconnection into the Grid?? Standard proposed by SAC and agreed to form a working group to proceed on January 31, 2012. It??s another major breakthrough in international smart grid standardization for SGCC after IEC??s approval of the establishment of PC118 ??smart grid user interface??in September 2011.

To take the preemptive opportunities of international smart grid standards and enhance the international competitiveness of smart grid technology, the Department of International Cooperation, Smart Grid Department, and the Department of Science and Technology brought up the proposal about the standard in early 2010. They also organized experts from China Electric Research Institute to prepare the proposal according to IEC requirements, which was presented to IEC on May 27, 2010. Since the issue involved many technical committees, it was finally settled down to TC8??s management scope after several rounds of advice seeking. It took three months?? vote starting from September 23 2011 on whether the initiative should be established.

The vote on the proposal was completed in IEC on January 6 2012, with a 72.7% supporting rate as 16 out of 22 voting country members were on the favorable side. However, only Australia, China and Germany nominated experts to join the working group, which failed the qualification for nominations from at least 5 supporting countries in order to establish the initiation. Meanwhile, in a month, SGCC took full advantage of the rules and successfully won the support from Italy and Korea, who officially nominated experts to join the working group. At this point, the ??User-side Power Interconnection into the Grid?? Standard initiation met all the requirements and was approved by IEC TC8 on January 31. IEC will set up a new working group recently to compile the standard. The establishment of the working group possesses great significance to enhance the grid safety and interaction, upgrade China??s influence in the field of international standardization, and stimulate the advancement of smart grid technologies globally.

Up to now, the three proposals on smart grid user interface standards initiated by SGCC have all been approved by IEC and in the drafting phase, further establishing China??s leading position in the smart grid standardization on the global arena.

Source: Department of International Cooperation

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