SGCC Accelerates Building of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

SGCC plans to fully unfold the building of electric vehicle charging stations in 27 licensed regional and provincial companies in 2010. 75 public charging stations, 6,209 AC charging spots and some battery replacement stations are projected, aiming to support the country's "Energy-efficient and New-energy Vehicle Pilot Program".

Charging station is an important foundation of the development of electric vehicle and also a key link of the commercialization and industrialization of the product. Since 2006, SGCC has equipped itself with 101 electric vehicles and 30 pilot charging stations, and, cooperated with the Beijing municipal government in designing of 7 electric bus lines and manufacturing of 58 electric buses.

Moreover, the company has finished writing 6 industrial standards like Electric Vehicle Charging Station General Technical Requirements, Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design Guidance, Electric Vehicle Charging Station Power Supply System Standards and etc; started studies on "Electric Vehicle Charging Station Key Technology Research and Operation Assessment";and compiled SGCC Electric Vehicle Charging and Discharging Facilities Construction Guidance to standardize the building technology, equipment installation and intellectual supervision of the stations, basically solving issues appeared in the pilot projects, and creating a positive environment for a successful development of the charging stations.

Source: State Grid News

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