SGCC Won the Bid of Brazil Teles Pires Transmission Lines

State Grid Brazil Holdings S.A. and Brazil's utility Companhia Paranaense de Energia, or Copel came away with licenses to build Teles Pires transmission lines on March 9, 2012. The project is the SGCC's first Greenfield Project of a large-scale transmission project in Brazil, with a total investment of 1.1 billion US dollars. 

The Teles Pires Transmission Project is an auxiliary output project of the five-cascade hydropower station (with a total installed capacity of 3450 MW) from the Teles Piers River basin. The project will build 500kV 2966-kilometer-long transmission lines and 4 new 500 kV substations, and expand 2 substations. The license will expire in 30 years.

Since the project involves large investment, it is on the spotlight with fierce competition. SGCC has developed a bidding strategy with an in-depth analysis of its potential competitors and the market information, which ultimately helps the group composed of SGCC and Copel win two of the Teles Pires lots.

SGCC manifested its competitive edge in the bid for the Greenfield market of transmission license in Brazil, and won the recognition from ANEEL Director-General Mr. MOREIRA. It has certainly accumulated experience for SGCC's business in Brazil and trained the team. The total transmission lines that SGCC operates in Brazil will be 6133 kilometers upon the completion of the project.

Source: Department of International Cooperation

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