1st Meeting of Acceptance Committee of Jinping-Sunan HVDC Transmission Project Held to Deploy Acceptance and Adjusting Tasks and Ensure High-Quality Operation

The first meeting of the acceptance committee of Jinping-Sunan ??800kV HVDC Transmission Project was held in Beijing on March 19, to announce the establishment of the acceptance committee with SGCC EVP Zheng Baosen as the chairman. The meeting summarized the interim progress, analyzed current problems and challenges, specified the acceptance organization and work plan, and deployed the tasks of project construction, acceptance and adjustment for the next phase. Zheng Baosen attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting clarified the construction goal of the project, which is to start low-end transmission in June and put into operation at the end of the year. Reports were also given on project design, equipment development and supply, bulky cargo transportation, adjusting, testing, final acceptance, and production preparation. Participants had in-depth discussions.

Zheng Baosen mentioned in his speech that the Jingping-Sunan project is the second HVDC project invested by SGCC. Compared with Xiangjiaba-Shanghai HVDC project, it has a larger transmission capacity, longer distance and more independent innovation, making a new record in HVDC project construction and representing the top HVDC technologies in the world. The early operation of the project will greatly enhance the hydropower development in Southeast area, ease the power supply shortage in Eastern China, and safeguard the sustainable social and economical development. The project is also an important measure for SGCC to transform the development mode of the power grid, and build a world-class power grid. It also bears great significance to implement the national energy strategy, promote power conservation and emission reduction, and realize the optimized allocation of energy resource in a broader scope.

It is emphasized in the meeting to fully understand the significance of realizing construction objectives and the difficulties in the construction, strengthen organizational leadership, stress safe quality control, manage large cargo transportation well, ensure equipment quality and delivery schedule, put more efforts to clean and coordinate channels, make solid progress in on-site construction, arrange the project completion and acceptance, get on adjusting and production preparation, carry on in-depth study on both ends of the power grid structure, and ensure the project to realize early transmission with larger capacity.

SGCC Chief Engineer Zhang Qiping presided over the meeting while Deputy Chief Engineer Li Wenli read the establishment paper. Representatives from departments of the Headquarters, sub-divisions, provincial companies and subsidiaries attended the meeting.

The 2058-kilometer-long Jinping-Sunan ??800kV HVDC Transmission Project, with a transmission capacity of 7.2 GW, includes Yulong Converter Station (including the earth electrode and the line), Tongli Converter Station (including the earth electrode and the line), and ??800 kV transmission line (including the big leap). (Gao Gan)

Source: Department of DC Construction, State Grid news

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