Beijing Gao Antun Electric Vehicle Recharging &Switching Station Officially Put into Operation

Located in Gao Antun Circular Economy Industrial Park of Chaoyang District Beijing, Gao Antun electric vehicle recharging & switching station was put into operation on March 15th. The station is the largest in the world with the biggest service capacity and the highest technical level with strong environmental protection effect. The project also demonstrates a significant achievement made by SGCC in smart recharging & switching service network, which is of great significance for the sound and fast development of electric vehicle and related industries in Beijing.

Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee Liu Qi, Vice Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee and Mayor Guo Jinlong, and SGCC President Liu Zhenya visited there together with Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Shixiang, Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Haidian District Party Committee Secretary Zhao Fengtong, Vice Mayor of Beijing Gou Zhongwen, SGCC EVPs Yang Qing and Cao Zhi'an.

The delegation visited the equipment exhibition area, the monitoring center and recharging & switching plants, listened to the reports on station construction, observed the demonstration of automatic recharging and switching for passenger cars and sanitation trucks, and got a view on battery standard, battery price and its advantages. They also asked about the prospect of taking advantage of the network to serve electric vehicles. Liu Qi said that Beijing had made great efforts to promote energy conservation, emission reduction, and PM2.5 management, and obtained great success. With the low-carbon environmental philosophy, electric vehicle is of great importance to protect the environment. Liu Qi hoped that SGCC could continually increase the construction and application of electric vehicle recharging & switching facilities so as to support the construction of a green Beijing.

Liu Zhenya introduced the operation of the recharging & switching station and SGCC's independently researched and developed equipment and models, which are suitable for various electric vehicles. Liu Zhenya said China had topped the world in electric vehicle smart recharging & switching network service. SGCC would further increase the investment in this field to better serve the popularization and application of electric vehicles and would make greater contributions to build Beijing into a cosmopolitan, harmonious and livable city with Chinese characteristics.

With an area of 8189 square meters, Gao Antun station is the recharging & switching service center for electric sanitation vehicles, passenger cars and buses in eastern Beijing. The station provides recharging, switching and battery delivery services. Equipped with 4 switching service lines, it has obtained high service speed and can serve 8 electric vehicles at the same time. It has one distribution line with the capacity of distributing 24 groups of batteries per hour. The station has a recharging capacity of 10.08 MW, able to recharge 1104 groups of batteries simultaneously. With the circular low carbon design concept, the station uses the waste incineration in the park and biogas power generation as the main power supply, integrating photovoltaic power generation, wind power and other new energies. The station has integrated many technical highlights, such as micro grid control, automatic reloading, smart storage, and digital control.

It is reported that in the past two years 15 recharging & switching stations and 370 charging poles, invested by SGCC, have been built up and put into operation in Beijing, which are capable of meeting the needs of more than 1300 electric vehicles. According to the plan, SGCC will take this station's operation as an opportunity to further optimize the network, increase investment, strengthen innovation and accelerate the construction. By doing so, SGCC strives to build, by the end of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, a top smart recharging & switching service network, and form an intercity network with Beijing as the center and radiating into the Bohai economic zone.

Source: State Grid News

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