SGCC Granted China Charity Award the 3rd Time

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) won the ??China Charity Award?? at the award ceremony held by Ministry of Civil Affairs on April 9, 2010. It is the third time that SGCC has won this award following 2006 and 2008.

To better take on the corporate social responsibility, SGCC actively participated in public welfare undertakings. The company launched the Power Grid Foundation for Public Welfare with a registered initial fund of 100 million Yuan, with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in March 2009. It was to explore a unified and efficient operation platform for commonwealth undertakings and enhance SGCC??s capacity and level to participate in these undertakings. What??s more, SGCC successfully launched the second phase of benevolent assistance project to the aged, poverty-stricken students, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Youth Development Foundation, and China Disabled Persons?? Federation. SGCC subsidized RMB 1 million Yuan to  China Legal Aid Foundation to support the legal aid undertaking in west China. SGCC also pushed forward the power poverty alleviation and power assistance to Tibet for 15 years consecutively.

For seven consecutive years SGCC has carried on the youth voluntary service activities named ??Youth Sunshine Day??, and led the Corporation??s young volunteers to the communities, counties, schools and enterprises to carry out the disaster prevention and salvation, popular science education and poverty alleviation. 

Last year, the ??Power for All?? Project implemented by the company entered the last tough period, bringing electricity to every household in Qinghai Province on September 30, 2008. Up to the end of 2009, SGCC solved the electricity problem for 1.262 million powerless household and 4.756 people.

The statistics show that the donations made by the company in 2009 were worth 184 million Yuan.  The total amount was up to 1.403 billion Yuan over the years. 470 public welfare activities was carried out in 2009, winning 17 awards, including the ??special Contribution Award of the Project Hope for the Last 20 Years?? and ??Special Award of Chinese Corporate??Social Responsibility??.

Source: State Grid News

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