Sino-Russian B2B Converter Station Project in Heihe Completes its Phase-2 Trial

The Sino-Russian B2B Converter Station Project in Heihe, SGCC??s first international DC transmission project, completed phase-2 of its trial operation at 02:00 on April 9th, 2012. Operation of the whole project has been transferred.

The project had previously undergone a Phase-1 trial period, launched on December 31st 2001 immediately following the completion of most of the system??s required adjustments, and concluded on January 7th, 2012. In the course of this initial trial, the project encountered issues of exceedingly high voltage in the AC system in situations of low load. In order to find a suitable solution to the problem, as well as to optimize the control strategy of the project, the Department of DC Construction mobilized the assistance of the State Grid DC Engineering Construction Branch, the Beijing Grid Power Economic Research Institute, and of the China Electric Power Research Institute. On April 1st 2012, project managers conducted additional system adjustments. By April 2nd, all required adjustments had been completed, and the project successfully entered Phase-2 of its trial procedure.

The Sino-Russia B2B Interconnection Project is currently China??s largest power transmission and transformation project for power purchased from overseas with the highest voltage and biggest capacity. The project is a result of implementing the ??Going Global?? national power strategy, and a valuable contribution to the goal of strengthening Sino-Russian cooperation in matters of energy and trade. Through its implementation, the project is also of considerable strategic importance in that it stimulates the economic development of both sides and allows the accumulation of valuable experience in view of expanding future Sino-Russian collaborative operations. Furthermore, the initiative has the benefits of deepening China and Russia??s economic complementarity, as well as of boosting the rapid development of the energy industry and the equipment manufacturing industry of both countries.

Source: Department of DC Construction

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