Comprehensive Work on China's Energy Strategy "Electric Power and Energy in China" First Issued in Beijing

The release ceremony of the comprehensive energy work Electric Power and Energy in China written by SGCC President Liu Zhenya and an expert symposium were held in Beijing on April 10th, 2012. In the book, Liu Zhenya argues that, in the context of a profound adjustment of the international energy pattern, and the complicated challenge and strategic transformation opportunity facing China's energy development, the only viable strategy for China to achieve sustainable energy development is to adopt a "grand energy outlook", adhere to electric power as the center, implement the strategy of "One Ultra, Four Larges", and promote the scientific development of electric industry to enhance the transformation of China's energy development mode and strategy.

SGCC EVP and author representative Cao Zhi'an introduced the background, the outline, and main ideas of the book, while SGCC EVP and Chairman of the Labor Union Wang Min presided over the ceremony as well as the symposium.

The event was also attended by Deputy Director of Publish Management Department, General Administration of Press and Publication, Ma Yongqiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University Lu Qiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhou Xiaoxin, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Xue Yusheng, Director of the Research Bureau of SASAC Peng Huagang, Chief Supervisor of SERC Tan Rongyao, Director of Department of Industry, Development Research Center of the State Council, Feng Fei, Director of the Investment Association of China Zhang Hanya, CEC Secretary-General Wang Zhixuan, Standing Deputy Chairman of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering Chen Feng, State Grid News Editor-in-Chief Li Qingwen, Director of the China Center for Energy Economics Research at Xiamen University Lin Boqiang, Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist of Investment Management Division for China,Goldman Sachs, Ha Jiming, and CEO of Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Cai Jinyong.

Electric Power and Energy in China is the product of many years of research by the author on China's electric power and energy problems. It provides a new perspective on the issue, as well as novel methods on how to handle energy-related problems. The 360,000-word book is divided into 9 chapters and 40 sections. It starts by reviewing domestic and international energy situation, studies the basic ideas to solve China's energy problems and the methods to realize the transformation of energy development mode with the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, and analyzes electric power's central position in energy strategy and the main tasks needed to further develop electric power. In addition, the book elaborates on issues of energy development and utilization, energy transportation and distribution, energy end-user consumption, energy market, energy early warning and energy response, energy scientific and technological innovation, and sustainable energy development guarantee.

Electric Power and Energy in China adheres to the "grand energy outlook" when studying energy-related issues. In order words, it uses systematic theory and the concept of sustainable development to review and analyze energy problems in a global, overall, historical, open and commonly associated perspective. According to the book, the characteristics of electric power, resource endowment and the energy development law have determined that electric power is "the next big thing" and the core-to-be of China's sustainable energy strategy. To seize electric power is to seize the core of China's sustainable energy development. To promote energy development centered with the electric power is to leverage electric power balance as the major support for energy balance, take electricity generation as the main direction for primary energy conversion and application, use the power grid as the main platform for energy allocation, increase the national level of electrification as a way to optimize energy structure and enhance energy efficiency, and implement the strategy of "One Ultra, Four Larges" as the essential task for electric power development and the strategic basis to promote energy development transformation. The key to implementing the strategy of "One Ultra, Four Larges" is to develop the UHV, construct the Strong and Smart Grid, and give full play to the electric power grid so that it can optimize the allocation of energy resources.

The leaders and experts at the symposium believed that Electric Power and Energy in China is thorough, insightful and rich in content. The author's suggestions to solve China's energy problems reflect his comprehensive perspective of the issue, a solid theoretical foundation and a profound understanding of the energy law. At the same time, it demonstrates the author's strong sense of responsibility and his whole-hearted dedication to the mission of developing sustainable energy. The book will encourage further research on China's energy strategy and play an active role in promoting the transformation of electric power and energy development mode.

Electric Power and Energy in China was published by the China Electric Power Publishing House of the Yingda Media Group. In recent years, the publishing house has released a series of influential books related to China's electric power and energy strategy. (Text by Yao Lei, Wang Rong. Photo by Gao Zhixing)

Source: State Grid News

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