SGCC Launches the 11th Overseas Training of Senior Executives

The SGCC 11th Overseas Training of Senior Executives was officially launched today, following the success of the previous 10 trainings. A motivating meeting was held on May 7 2010.

Recent years have seen SGCC earnestly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development and strengthen its team building. From the year 2005 to 2009, a total of 10.2 billion Yuan was expensed as the education and training fund, involving 13 million person-time. The overall quality of the personnel has been greatly improved.The senior executives shoulder greater responsibilities than normal management.Therefore, SGCC has always put great emphasis on training senior executives. Since 2006, with heavy tasks of reform and development, the company decided to initiate overseas training for senior executives,ahead of any other state-owned enterprises. It was one of the most important innovations of implementing the strategy of advancing the company by talents.

This session includes 24 trainees, led by Mr. Zheng Baosen, Executive Vice President of SGCC. It's the largest overseas training session ever held. The trainees will go to IBM in the United States. The two-week courses cover strategic management, strategic methodology, Leadership model and process, cultivation model of senior managers, operational and technical leadership model, human resource management model, cooperation innovation, strong and smart grid's construction and solutions, and integration of the power value chain in the 21st century.

SGCC has always attached great importance to the education and training of senior executives. Since 2006, in 10 sessions, 190 senior executives have been trained in internationally renowned companies.

Source: State Grid News

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