SGCC CSR Management Receives "Top 10 Power Management Innovations Award 2009"

SGCC's "Overall Responsibility Management Model" has won the award of "Top 10 Power Management Innovations 2009",published by China Power Enterprise Management on May 15,2010.

When introducing the reason for winning the award,the magazine says that CSR does not require other operations out of companies'normal business range; however,it does emphasize on how to make a difference in the normal business operations so as to pursue the comprehensive maximization of economic,social and environmental benefits,instead of only economic benefit maximization; what's more,CSR cares for the value of stakeholders and social value extended from the concerns merely on shareholders or corporate value.SGCC has fully incorporated the overall responsibility concept into its core value, development strategy and grid operation. After being the first to release a CSR report in China's power industry, it once again, as the first, started overall responsibility management. It surely incarnates the social responsibility undertaken by a responsible state-owned enterprise.

This achievement has also won the first prize of "the 15th National Enterprise Management Innovation Award".

Source: International Liaison Department

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