Liu Zhenya Attends 2010 e8 Tokyo Summit

On May 26, 2010, Mr.Liu Zhenya,President & CEO of SGCC was invited to attend the 2010 e8 Tokyo Summit.
The theme was "the smart use of electricity to power the global solution to climate change".

At the Summit, Mr. Liu delivered a speech on building a strong and smart grid to cope with global climate change. What's more, he had fruitful discussions with other e8 leaders on developing the strong and smart grid, implementing energy conversation and coping with climate change.

It was the first time that SGCC attended e8 summit.

Liu Zhenya regarded the construction of the strong and smart grid as the important material basis for the economic and social development and that it had great significance to energy efficiency and the rapid development of clean energy utilization. He also highlighted SGCC's recognition of the strong and smart grid, emphasizing three aspects: first, "strong" and "smart" are the two basic features of the strong and smart grid; second,the strong and smart grid is an intelligent power system;and third,the development of the strong and smart grid has greatly altered the grid functions,integrating the internet of things,internet, communication network, TV network and broadcasting network and becoming the highly efficient "nerve center" in the modern society.

Liu also introduced China's energy development pattern, the current situation and the trend of developing clean energy,the need to develop the strong and smart grid, the construction of UHV AC & DC projects, as well as the research system of UHV and the strong and smart grid.

Regarding constructing green network and promoting energy conservation, Liu mentioned the advantages of UHV transmission technology and its importance to promote the development of clean energy and enhance power consuming efficiency. In addition, Liu also touched upon the achievements SGCC has got in grid intellectualization, including intelligent scheduling system, forecasting and alarming system, charging stations of electric cars and smart meters.

The e8 is a non-profit international organization within the electric utility community. Chairmen and general managers of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc., Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc., American Electric Power Company, Duke Energy, EDF, ENEL S.p.a, RWE AG, Hydro-Quebec, Eletrobras and CFE attended the summit.

Liu had a meeting with Mr. Sunehisa Katsumata, Chairman of TEPCO before the summit.

Source: International Department

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