SGCC's Official Expo Enterprise Hall Website Commenced

There is another 150 days away from the Expo opening. The construction of SGCC's WorldExpo Enterprise Hall enters into the final stage. Is it likely to enjoy the amazing Magic-cube at this moment? The answer is yes.

In the afternoon of November 26, SGCC's Official WorldExpo Enterprise Hall Website, www.magicbox2010, commenced which shows us the whole picture of the spectacular hall. The website is developed around the subject of Creation and Lighting the Dream and created based on the Magic-cube inside. After you enter into the website the Magic-cube hanging in the air will appear following a spinning 3D flash. You can visit many showrooms and interactive rooms such as About Magic-cube, Electricity Creation by clicking the different independent sides of the cube. More importantly, you can make visiting reserve through the website. The visiting time can be arranged through the reservation system. There are special services and facilities available there for the handicapped people.

According to the introduction from the SGCC's WorldExpo Enterprise Hall Preparatory Office, the official website will be finished in two phrases. It??s the first phrase project that is open for the public. In the future, 3D Magic-cube will be developed. At that time, the visitors can experience the existence of the real and the simulated worlds simultaneously and enjoy the fun from the internet interaction.

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