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State Grid Ranked Second on Fortune Global 500 for the Third Consecutive Year [2018-07-23]
State Grid Smart Internet of Vehicles Project Wins 2018 Edison Awards [2018-07-02]
Dr. Shu Yinbiao Attended the Symposium of the China-Germany Economic Advisory Committee and Delivered Speech [2018-06-27]
State Grid Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network 2.0 Launched [2018-05-04]
Juggar East-Anhui South UHV Project Successfully Stretches over the Yangtze River [2018-04-19]
Zhangbei Renewable Energy VSC DC Power Grid Experimental Demonstration Project Commences Construction [2018-03-05]
State Grid Released 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report [2018-02-08]
Shu Yinbiao Attended 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and Delivered a Speech on the Energy Transition Forum [2018-01-27]
The World??s First Dual Inner Water Cooled 300MVar Phase Modifier was Successfully Connected to the Power Grid [2018-01-12]
The World??s Largest Power Project by Voltage and CapacitySouthern Suzhou Power Grid 500kV UPFC Demonstration Project was Put into Operation [2017-12-20]
State Grid Completed Company Restructure on TimeFinishing the Transition from an Industrial Enterprise Owned by the Whole People to an Enterprise Wholly Owned by the State [2017-12-07]
Shu Yinbiao Met with IPTO Chairman and CEO of Banco Santander [2017-11-17]
??E Hailing?? 2.0 Smart Travel Service Platform developed by State Grid EV Company was Launched???? [2017-11-01]
SGCC Sets a New World Record in UHV DC Power Transmission [2017-10-12]
SGCC Accomplished the New Round of Rural Grid Renovation for a Period of Two Years Ahead of Time [2017-09-28]
Beijing Hosts the Second BRICS Forum on SOE Reform and Governance [2017-09-22]
SGCC Donates 236 Village-Level PV Power Plants to Alleviate Poverty in Hubei [2017-09-15]
Yuheng-Weifang 1,000 kV UHV AC Transmission and Transformation Project Put into Use [2017-08-17]
SGCC Ranked the First again on Top 500 Enterprises of China [2017-09-11]
State Grid Stayed on Second on Global Fortune 500 [2017-07-24]
GEIDCO Chairman Liu Zhenya Visits the Laos, Myanmar and Bangladesh Promoting Gird Interconnection [2017-07-11]
State Grid Purchases a Stake in ADMIE [2017-06-21]
Shu Yinbiao Attended and Addressed the 2017 Challenges of Government Conference and the UK-China Workshop: Exploring Frontiers in Power Production and Distribution [2017-06-19]
Shu Yinbiao Attended the Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial and the Second Mission Innovation Ministerial [2017-06-08]
Shu Yinbiao Attended the China-Germany High-level Dialogue on Innovation [2017-06-01]
Construction of Chongqing-Hubei Back to Back DC Grid Interconnection Project Started [2017-05-26]
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