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Bipolar Low-end DC System of Jinping-Sunan UHV DC Project Finishes its Test Run [2012-07-19]
East Shore of Xiluodu-Zhejiang Jinhua ??800kV HVDC Transmission Project Launched [2012-07-30]
Jinping-Sunan Project's Bipolar Low-end DC System Put Into Trial Operation [2012-07-12]
Xiangjiaba-Shanghai UHV DC Project In Safe Operation for 2 Years [2012-07-10]
SGCC Lingers On 7th Place on Fortune Global 500 [2012-07-10]
Shu Yinbiao Meets with Silval Barbosa, Governor of Mato Grosso in Brazil, to Deepen Cooperation and Develop a Win-Win Relation [2012-06-26]
SGCC President Liu Zhenya Attends the Opening Ceremony of the "SGCC Rio Building" [2012-06-25]
25th Regular Exchange Activity Carried Out with the Tokyo Electric Power Company [2012-06-18]
Brazil House Speaker Inspected NARI Group [2012-06-08]
Technological Research and Promotion Conference of UHV DC Interconnection to 750kV/1000kV AC Power Grid Held in Beijing [2012-06-08]
SGCC President Liu Zhenya, INTER RAO UES Chairman Kovalchuk Signed MOU [2012-06-06]
SGCC Signed Agreements to Acquire ACS Transmission Assets in Brazil [2012-06-04]
SGCC President Liu Zhenya Spoke at the GSEP Berlin Summit [2012-06-04]
SGCC Completes Acquiring a 25% Stake of REN [2012-06-01]
Southern Hami-Zhengzhou ??800kV UHVDC Transmission Project, Second Xinjiang-Northwest Main Grid 750kV HVDC Transmission Line Start Construction to Build the Silk Road of Electricity Connecting the Western Frontier with the Central Plains [2012-05-14]
"2012 China Energy Man of the Year" Liu Zhenya Speaks at the Award Ceremony & China Electric Power and Energy Symposium [2012-05-10]
SGCC International Academic Organization Work Conference Held in Beijing [2012-04-16]
SGCC Sees an Auspicious Start in 1st Quarter of 2012 [2012-04-13]
Preliminary Assessments for Hami-Zhengzhou and Xiluodu-Western Zhejiang UHV DC Projects Completed [2012-04-12]
SGCC Granted China Charity Award the 5th Time [2012-04-12]
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