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Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project Put into Trial Run [2011-12-15]
SGCC CSR Wins Two Awards [2011-12-05]
SGCC Shares Its CSR Experience at the Inauguration Ceremony of Global Compact China Network [2011-11-28]
SGCC 2010 CSR Report Receives Outstanding Achievement Award [2011-11-22]
SGCC Held Integrated Information System Data Disaster Recovery Drilling [2011-11-21]
SGCC Among Top 3 CSR Score Of China Top 100 Companies [2011-11-09]
Liu Zhenya Talks with RTE CEO Dominique Maillard: Cooperation Agreement Signed [2011-11-02]
SGCC 16th Senior Management Training Concluded in Success [2011-10-31]
Liu Zhenya Met with the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Jon Wellinghoff [2011-10-31]
The Jinan Industrial Base of China Power Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.Inaugurated [2011-10-28]
2011 HVDC Users Conference Launched [2011-10-28]
SGCC Attends U.S.-China Green ICT Seminar [2011-10-25]
World??s First ??660 KV Live Working Successfully Completed [2011-10-20]
Smart Grid World Forum 2011 Held to Seek Win-win Grid Development [2011-09-29]
Shu Yinbiao Speaks at the Sino- Philippine Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum [2011-09-15]
Philippine President Aquino III met with Liu Zhenya [2011-09-13]
Shu Yinbiao Held Talks with Directors of EDF and ERDF [2011-09-13]
SGCC Headquarters organized 1st Large-Scale Practical Drill to Strengthen Emergency Response System and Enhance Grid Emergency Capability [2011-09-08]
MOU Signed Between SGCC and ONS [2011-08-31]
NDRC Deputy Director and NEA Director Liu Tienan Visits SGCC [2011-08-31]
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