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State Grid Brazil Holding S.A. Held Unveiling Ceremony [2010-12-15]
State Grid Becomes the Only Company to Win Two Awards in "Outstanding CSR Report 2010" [2010-12-07]
State Grid in Full Support to Fight Against Droughts [2010-12-06]
Liu Zhenya Attends the 18th CEPSI 2010 & Cross-Strait Power Summit [2010-12-03]
SGCC Ranked 2nd Among 2010 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises [2010-12-02]
SGCC Actively Involved in the "Green Yangtze-Chongqing Action" Program [2010-11-01]
First Smart Community Demonstration Project by North China Power Grid Company Completed [2010-10-25]
Hulun Buir-Liaoning +/-500kV DC Power Transmission Project Put into Operation [2010-10-20]
Liu Zhenya, President of SGCC Gives Keynote Speech at World Energy Congress [2010-10-12]
SGCC'UHV Transmission Technology Named the Most Innovative Low-carbon Product [2010-10-08]
+/-660kV Ningdong - Shandong DC Line Project Construction in Completion [2010-09-27]
Qinghai-Tibet 750 kV /+/-400 kV AC and DC Grid Interconnection Commenced [2010-09-21]
SGCC Received "Double A" in SAC Performance Evaluation [2010-09-18]
Cooperation Agreement Signed between Shanghai Municipal Government and SGCC [2010-09-15]
"National Power Grid Foundation for Public Welfare"Formally Approved [2010-09-07]
Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800 kV UHV DC Transmission Pilot Project in Operation [2010-09-01]
SGCC Ranked No.1 in Both Patent Applications and Grants IN 2009 [2010-08-25]
"Smart Grid Technology" and "Knowledge of Smart Grid" published in Beijing [2010-08-07]
SGCC Ranked No. 8 on Fortune Global 500 in 2010 [2010-08-01]
UHV AC Demonstration Project Won China Power Quality Project Award and the First Prize for Excellent Engineering Design in Power Industry [2010-07-15]
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