Japanese & Korean Environmentalists to Launch Natural Energy Network in E. Asia

According to Japanese media, some environmental groups in Japan and South Korea will launch an international organization called ??The Network for a Nuclear-Free East Asia?? to promote natural energy in East Asia?? home to Many nuclear reactors.

The organization with a group of 311 citizens, including 100 people each from Japan and South Korea and 111 from other regions, will be formally launched on the first anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and Fukushima disaster in northeastern Japan, Kyodo said. 

The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, triggered by the March 11 catastrophe, "destroyed all illusions of how safe nuclear energy is around the world," the declaration said, "Nuclear-power-free does not mean giving up energy, but transitioning to natural energy." The network aims to lower the risk of nuclear accidents and transit to natural energy.

According to Yul Choi, president of the Korea Green Foundation, South Korea plans to increase the number of nuclear reactors from the current 21 to 34 by 2024, while China, which is home to 14 reactors, has been building 27 new reactors.

Source: People??s Daily

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