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Installed Capacity of Clean Energy or to Surpass Coal-fired Power in the Next Decade in China [2017-12-12]
The Fourth Shaanxi-Beijing Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Completed [2017-11-27]
National Development and Reform Commission: Energy Storage Industry to Realize Scaled Development in the Next Decade [2017-10-12]
The First UHV Power Transmission Channel in Northeast China Launched [2017-10-17]
China to Establish the World's Largest Clean and Efficient Coal Power System by 2020 [2017-09-20]
NEA: Energy Consumption Picked Up in the First Half of 2017 with Ample Energy Supply in the Second Half of 2017 [2017-07-28]
High-purity Crystalline Silicon is to be "Made in China" [2017-07-07]
The World’s First VSC-HVDC Converter Valve Produced [2017-06-08]
Both Total and Secondary Industry Power Consumption Witnessed a year-on-year Growth from Jan. to April [2017-05-27]
With Its Natural Gas Production Doubling in Nine Years, China Becomes World’s Sixth Largest Natural Gas Producer [2017-05-02]
NDRC: Imported Natural Gas Reached 20.9 Billion Cubic Meters in Q1, up by 5.4% [2017-04-19]
National Development and Reform Commission: Social Electricity Consumption Stood at 513.9TWh in March with a Year-on-year Growth of 7.9% [2017-04-13]
The 13th Five Year Plan for Coalbed Methane: Building Two to Three Industrial Bases [2016-12-06]
China Became the World's Largest Direct Consumer of Geothermal Power [2016-11-21]
China Met Yearly Targets for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in the First Three Quarters of the Year [2016-11-02]
China Launched the First Batch of PV Projects for Poverty Alleviation, Benefiting 550 Thousand Poor Families [2016-10-17]
China, Britain and France Signed the Final Agreement on Hinkley Point Nuclear Project [2016-10-08]
Shale Gas Development Skyrocketed By 2020 or to Achieve 30 Billion Cubic Meters [2016-10-13]
Phase 1 of 1st Nuclear Power Plant in Northeast China Finished, Localization Rate at 75% [2016-09-21]
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