[China News Service] SGCC Releases the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2013

Business News, China News Service- SGCC released its CSR Report 2013 on February 26th in Beijing, which made SGCC the first SOE to release its CSR report for nine consecutive years.

With regard to the environmental performance this year, SGCC will prioritize wind power and PV power to be integrated to the grid to replace coal and oil with electricity. By then, SGCC will accomplish 30TWh of electricity substitution, build 167 EV charging and battery swapping stations, and accelerate the construction of output channels for the hydropower and new energy bases in Southwest China.

The CSR Report took the lead among Chinese enterprises to disclose the specific practices to implement the comprehensive CSR management and promote CSR integration. It better emphasized the substantialness, comprehensiveness and comparability of information disclosure of CSR fulfillment.

The CSR first employed the content structure of "the Aspiration, the Action, the Performance, the Performing Subject", which was unique among Chinese enterprises as well as global enterprises.

According to the CSR, in 2013, SGCC put into operation the world's first 1000kV UHV AC project with double circuits on same towers (Anhui-to-East) and finished the construction of Southern Hami-Zhengzhou ??800kV UHV DC Transmission Project. Besides, more than 10,000 kilometers of UHV lines were under construction or operation. The transformation capacity was over 100GVA, and the cumulative transmitted electricity reached 139TWh. UHV AC and UHV DC demonstration projects have been safely operated for 5 years and 3.5 years respectively, which fully demonstrated their technical safety, economy, and environmental friendliness. SGCC has accelerated the construction of a Strong and Smart Grid, which carries and promotes the Third Industrial Revolution. It has also built four comprehensive smart grid demonstration projects, deployed 182 million smart meters, and achieved automatic consumption information collection for 191 million users.

In 2013, SGCC witnessed the overall improvement of the service area's power supply reliability. The integration of urban and rural power supply promoted the overall development of urban and rural areas. As a result, urban power supply reliability rate increased to 99.956%; power supply services' "ten commitments" fulfillment rate reached 99.999%; low voltage was eliminated from 20.708 million households. Throughout the year, 167,000 households and 700,000 people began to have access to electricity; urban and rural residents shared the same grid and price which reduced rural residents?? electricity consumption of about 48.7 billion RMB. The installed capacity of integrated wind power and PV generation reached 70.37 GW and 15.46 GW respectively, an increase of 24% and 360% compared with those of the same period of last year. SGCC had the world's largest wind power integration and the fastest growing rate of PV generation. Its service area??s wind power and PV generation totaled 129TWh and 8.35TWh respectively, an increase of 37.4% and 146% compared with those of the same period of last year. Meanwhile, it carried out comprehensive electricity replacement and conservation services, and promoted "replacing coal and oil by electricity coming from afar" to achieve 14TWh of replacing electricity and reduce more than 700 million tons of industrial and social carbon dioxide emissions in 2013.

In 2014, SGCC has promised to invest over 380 billion RMB in grid to produce over 50,000km transmission lines of 110 ( 66 ) kV and above, complete the smart transformation of 100 substations, deploy 60 million smart meters, end the isolated operation of 5 grids, and solve the weak links between 38 county-level grids with the main grid in terms of economic performance. As for social performance, it will bring electricity access to 260,000 households and 1.04 million people. Urban and rural power supply reliability rates will achieve 99.966%  and 99.875% respectively. 1.6 million rural households will no longer be bothered with low voltage.

Source: China News Service

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