Sichuan-Tibet Interconnection Project Starts

On March 18, the construction mobilization meeting of SGCC's Sichuan-Tibet Interconnection Project was held in Beijing. SGCC Chairman Liu Zhenya announced the start of the world's most challenging transmission and transformation project ?C the Interconnection Project between Tibet Changdu grid and Sichuan grid. Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region Losang Jamcan, Member of NEA and the Supervisory Director Tan Rongyao, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial Government Dai Dongchang and SGCC President Shu Yinbiao attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The Interconnection Project is a key project in the Twelfth Five-year Plan for SGCC to implement the Party's strategic plan on Tibet and western development, as well as serving for the economic and social development and long-term stability of the Tibetan areas in Sichuan and Tibet. Leaders from the Central Committee attached great importance to this project and Yu Zhengsheng, Member of Politburo and Chairman of CPPCC, repeatedly affirmed the Project's significance and instructed to strengthen safety and quality. After its completion, the Project will end the history of isolated operation of Changdu grid, fundamentally solve the electricity use problem for nearly 500 thousand people and send out the local abundant hydropower. It has great significance for improving Tibetan people's living conditions and promoting the economic and social development of Sichuan and Tibet.

The Project, via Ganzi, Sichuan and Changdu, Tibet, is going to build two 500kV substations at Batang and Changdu, two 220kV substations at Bangda and Yulong, 1,009km of 500kV lines and 512km of 220kV lines, with a dynamic investment of about 6.63 billion yuan. Located in the fault zone of three rivers, the construction will be in the region with the world's most complex geological structure and the most widely distributed geological disasters. Along the line, high mountains and depopulated zones occupy most areas, making it the world's most challenging project with extremely difficult transportation, extremely harsh climatic conditions, extremely fragile ecological environment and extremely difficult construction environment.

Shu Yinbiao said the Interconnection Project was a benevolent project that would fundamentally solve the serious power shortage in Changdu and Ganzi, and a popularity-winning project that brought the Party's warmth and care to Tibetan people. The Project would effectively improve the structure of Tibetan grid, improve supply reliability, effectively promote Changdu's hydropower development and transform the resource advantages into economic advantages. It had important and profound significance and impact for promoting the leaping development of Tibetan economy and society, as well as enhancing national unity and long-term stability. All units should focus on high quality and the requirements on security and harmony to efficiently complete the Project with well-organized construction and strict management, writing a new chapter of grid construction on snowy plateau.

Source: State Grid News



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