[China National Radio] Multiple Projects to Be Launched; Chongqing Electric Power Company Enters the Era of UHV

It's learned that SGCC Chongqing Electric Power Company will launch multiple UHV projects successively this year. They will fundamentally solve the city's electricity bottleneck and signify the dawning of Chongqing's  "UHV era."

The transmission capacity of a 1000kV UHV line equals to that of five or six 500kV lines, with less construction land use and costs..

The Ya'an -Wuhan 1000kV UHV project, the first proposed UHV AC line to transmit electricity from the west to the east in China, is scheduled to pass 11 regions or counties in Chongqing. Currently the project's Chongqing section is ready to start construction once approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. Upon the completion of this project, the AC transmission capacity between Sichuan and Chongqing will increase 5GW, up by almost 50% of the current load capacity of Chongqing??s grid.  The project is expected to put into operation in 2017.????

In addition, recently Chongqing has also launched the feasibility design of ?? 800kV Hami-Chongqing UHV DC transmission project and the preliminary preparation for ?? 800kV Jiuquan-Hunan UHV DC transmission project. These two projects will be delivering sufficient thermal power and wind power to Chongqing and the eastern provinces of the country respectively. Chongqing will also successively construct a number of 1000kV UHV AC projects from Shaanxi to Wanzhou and Changshou to Yichang. Chongqing Electric Power Company will enter the "UHV Era".

Source: China National Radio


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