People's Daily: Chongqing Aims at Satisfying People's Expectations

Chongqing, April 10 ?? "Path changed to earth subgrade then to cement road. Vehicles used to have 2 wheels, then 3 and soon they will have 4 wheels," said Li li, a vegetable grower in Xubai Village, Caohui Town, Dianjiang County Chongqing. He never thought his village could have roads and he could drive his awesome four-wheel farm vehicle very soon.

Some new villages were still isolated since merging small villages into big ones. Last year, solving the remaining 2,606 newly merged villages' road problems became Chongqing's priority. XuBai Village is one of the benefited.

Chongqing municipal party committee's first conference after Spring Festival was specifically studying livelihood work, requiring to continuously implementing the 22 measures and letting people get more benefits from the reform and development. Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Sun Zhengcai stressed several times that the government should try its best on livelihood work within its capability. It should be current affordable and long-term sustainable and could solve practical problems and enhance people's lives at the same time. Both specific projects and a long-term mechanism should be constructed to improve pertinence, effectiveness and sustainability.

Li said when recalling the past, "There used to be only a mud path and I used to walk three hours carrying vegetables to the county." In 2006, the path widened to 3 meters roadbed. He bought a motorcycle, but because of the road potholes, he still had to push it for two hours to the county. In 2010, the cement road was built 2 kilometers away from his house. He bought a three-wheeled agricultural vehicle, but it could not be used on rainy days.

Before the Spring Festival of 2014, a 5-meter-wide cement road was built to his house. The 6km road was constructed by government's subsidy that was 260,000 yuan per kilometer and villagers' fund raising that was 400 yuan per person. Li immediately ordered a four-wheel farm vehicle, which could arrive at the county in 40 minutes. He also enlarged 6667 square meters of arable land. With one hundred years'tradition of planting root of herbaceous peony, XuBai Village's agriculture acreage expanded to 2.7 square kilometers this year.

The road's construction benefited from Chongqing's livelihood view of "more timely help than icing on the cake".

Livelihood work involves many aspects and details. Which should be the focus? Based on the overall less developed situation, Chongqing municipal committee aimed to find out prominent contradictions and make pragmatic decisions. 22 livelihood measures should be done on the basis of constantly improving people's living conditions, including 500,000 rural people's relocation due to mountain ecological and poverty, solving drinking safety problem for 5 million people in the most difficult areas, 5.67 million square meters' shantytown reconstruction in urban area and building 1,000 community endowment service facilities. They all pointed to the most expected and urgent problems. By the end of 2013, the annual target was completed and 13 pieces were fulfilled beyond expectations.

83-year-old Zhang Yongyun smiled with wrinkles when bending and turning on the tap and clear water flowing down. ??It is like a dream that we can use convenient and clean water in our kitchen.??

Here is the 1200-meter-altitude Tianchiping Group, Baoyan Village, Baima Town, Wulong County. The villagers used to drink cavern water. In drought years, when near cave water dried up, they had to spend hours to far caves picking water. In the second half of last year, drinking water project started which was invested by the government and constructed by the villagers. 106 houses could drink clean water inside their homes.

This comfort still benefited from the strong promotion of 22 livelihood measures. Last August, the municipal party committee decided to stress on 22 pieces of practical and urgent matters on the basis of promoting people's livelihood. By the end of 2013, the annual target was completed and 13 pieces were fulfilled beyond expectations.

The requirements were being human-oriented with respect for the rules, taking into considerations of the masses' will while respecting the basic situation and doing best within capabilities.

The 22 practical measures were the result of the Party's mass line education. Chongqing municipal committee members each responded for a poverty county, a village and a community to conduct deep research on people's conditions, solve their problems and promote the overall development from each ??sparrow??.

In hot August 2013, Secretary Sun Zhengcai went to Zhanjiang Village, Qingnian Town, Wansheng Economic and Technological Development District and Xinmiao Village, Zhuantang County, Qijiang District for research. 2,400 people had drinking problem in the six villages of Qingnian Town and nearly 13.3 square kilometers of crops suffered. Xinmiao Village was out of water and many villagers were lining up for water from a truck parked by the roadside. After thorough research, this situation was not alone in Chongqing. Thus improving 74,000 mountain plateau ponds and solving the safety problems for 5 million people??s drinking water were incorporated into the livelihood work.

The range of livelihood work is broad and specific. So at present, which were the most urgent things?  The government believed that Chongqing had one big city, many big countries, big mountain areas and big reservoirs. It was overall less developed with large urban and rural differences. The way of implementing and safeguarding the fundamental interests of the masses was to consider people's will while respect basic situations, do the best within capabilities and offer timely help more than icing on the cake.

Cadres at all levels concentrated on grass-roots research. Municipal party committee continuously held 11 symposiums of 7 aspects and 4 districts with grass-roots party members and non-party people, to listen to the masses?? voice face to face, find out the prominent contradiction and use the limited financial resources and forces to the most urgent needs.

House??500,000 people removed from poor and mountainous areas;400,000 dangerous rural houses and 5.67 million square meters of urban shantytowns had been renovated. Traffic??2,606 newly merged villages had been paved with streets and the main urban areas inside the round expressway had been covered by optimized bus line network. Education??1,000 boarding schools in rural areas and 15,000 sets of teacher dormitories had been built to realize the synchronization of new community and schools. Health care??2,606 newly merged villages each had a clinic. Convenience??240 community convenient commercial facilities and 1,000 endowment service facilities had been constructed and 1,424 abandoned communities power facilities had been reconstructed. Environment??2,000 administrative villages had finished the concentrative environmental governance and 56 lakes and reservoirs in the main city areas completed pollution control.

Scheduling was also practical and realistic. 1.41 million people were willing to remove from the poor mountainous areas, but considering the complicated factors of government financial support, present living conditions, their own economic ability and the ingoing areas' resource, environment and industry carrying capacity, finally 500,000 people were regarded as the most urgent and would be relocated in 3 years. The government would create conditions for the rest.

The warm list of the livelihood projects conveyed sincere concern. Zhu Xiaoqin, party secretary of Huolu Town, Wulong County, said that these practical measures aiming at keeping the foundation and enhancing weaknesses really solved the grass-roots chronic problems. Professor Huang Yuangu from Chongqing Party School pointed out, ????Doing best' showed the livelihood concept. ??Within capacities' expressed the down-to-earth altitude. They presented the right views of development, achievement and masses.??

Overcoming difficulties with words and actions meant to concentrate on solving pressing practical problems and enhancing livelihood level fundamentally.

Gales of laughter arouse from the residential areas:230,000 people had started the relocation and 176,500 people had moved into comfortable houses instead of dangerous ones. 1,200km country road was paved and 300 newly merged villages owned streets lifting hundreds of thousands of villagers on the express to wealth. 21 convenient business circles and 181 commercial facilities were built to make shopping easier.

Livelihood work has no room for fake. 18 pieces of substantive measures started to carry forward within a month after the proposal. All citizens could see and feel the government's determination.

Located in the old city, with 30,000 residents, Jinyinwan community used to have difficult traffic situation without any bus. This January, as a part of the 22 livelihood measures, the 6.4km long two-way No.408 bus line formally started operation. Everyday, it carried more than 2,500 passengers.

Led by 31 municipal departments, 38 county governments and Wansheng development zone management committee spared no effort to establish a work pattern of "deep to the bottom, wide to the edge, upper and lower linkage and overall advancement". Cadres at all levels devoted themselves into promoting the practical livelihood work.

The 63-year-old low-income resident Ding Yiyou in Heping Village, Tangxiang Street, Dazu District had feet disability and lived in a 50-year broken house alone. His dangerous house was listed in the renovation project and since then comrades from district, street and village were quite concerned over the new house's construction. They helped coordinate the homestead, smooth the foundation and organize bricklayers and carpenters to construct. The 80-square-meter new house was soon completed and the 37,000-yuan subsidy was more than enough. Ding bought a new bed, a rice cooker and other facilities and moved into his home happily.

Chongqing focuses on solving the urgent livelihood problems and also pays attention to long-term and fundamental enhancement of people's living standards. In 2013, Chongqing invested 164 billion yuan in livelihood, maintaining the public budget proportion over 50% of fiscal funds.

Perseverance is required not only for specific projects but also for establishing a long-term mechanism of livelihood work.

Improving people's livelihood needs perseverance. Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan said that specific livelihood projects and innovation should be stressed at the same time to establish a long-term mechanism ensuring that the masses could fully enjoy the benefits.

How to settle people? The clinic in Zhongba Village, Dingshi Town, Youyang County, was just expanded to more than 80 square meters and divided into pharmacy, therapy room, observation room, etc. Village Doctor Liu Mingfu said in addition to diagnosing and treating common diseases, he also injected vaccinations, built health records and carried out health publicity. The government gave subsidies and villagers did not have to pay. His income also rose from 1,000 to 3,000 yuan and now he has no more worries to serve the villagers.

How to upgrade management? "After power modification, air conditioning, rice cooker and electric blanket all can be used without any fault!?? said Tan Yuehong, a resident in Huiyang Building community of Nan'an District. The community was one of the 1,424 abandoned communities and suffered the power difficulties for a long time without any attention. Now the facilities and systems were all changed and under control by SGCC Chongqing Electric Power Company. It will maintain the facilities' operation and provide stable electricity to assure power use.

How to keep persistent public services? Hu Shenglun used to drive buses in Hechuan's villages and witnessed the rural buses' soon disappearance after operation.

Hechuan solved the problem according to practical situations that it changed the single line operation into a regional operation and divided the 30 towns and streets into five areas. Each bus in the areas had more than one line and would be redeployed accordingly. In addition, buses for market, morning, evening and weekend were opened to effectively solve the rural transportation contradiction. Now, 331 administrative villages in Hechuan have 299 buses.

There are more long-term projects. In the relocation process, Chongqing will promote further development synchronously. Around the settlement in Siyuan Village, Yulai Town, Shizhu County, four industries were being planned according to local conditions. Now it has developed 1,300 mu of pepper, 800 mu of pear and 1 square kilometers of Siyuan rice. A relocated household, Huang Bangfu said the days would be better and better when they had more ways to make money.

More macro mechanisms have been established. Accountability mechanism means every livelihood project should list clear responsible units, objectives and completion time. Input mechanism means to combine central government support, public finance expenditure and enterprise investment to form special funds. Supervision mechanism means that the municipal party committee will hear the report once a year; the municipal government shall adjust the scheduling once a month; districts and counties will be assessed according to the livelihood promotion situation.

The first standing committee of Chongqing municipal party committee after the Spring Festival was to discuss the livelihood work specifically. Sun Zhengcai stressed that ensuring and improving people's livelihood was the starting point and foothold of all work. We would lose the meaning in everything we do if not to improve people's life. The Party's mass line should be emphasized more to firmly implement the 22 practical livelihood measures with down-to-earth attitude, responsible and positive work style, and more actions than words,. Thus the masses could get more benefits from the reform and development. (Wang Jianxin, Cui Jia, Li Jian)

Source: People's Daily

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