[Xinhua News Agency] SGCC Conducts Safety Check, Expects Electricity Consumption to Rise 8.4% This Summer

????Beijing, June 15??SGCC conducted an overall safety check on the 15th for the summer peak of electricity consumption. It is expected that the total electricity consumption in 80% of the nation powered by the company this summer will record a moderate annual growth of 8.4%, 5.3 percentage points higher than last year.

????In particular, the consumption in Northern Hebei province, Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Tibet will see a growth of over 10%. Maximum power load of the whole grid is expected to reach 590MW, up 11.3% year-on-year. Proving the occurrence of a continued high-temperature climate in a wide range of areas, the maximum power load could jump above 600MW.

????SGCC also carried out safety check, enforced demand-side management, and gave priority to guarantee household electricity to ensure safe, reliable power supply in the summer peak time. Anti-shock, lightning protection and flood control were highlighted to eliminate potential hazards and prevent large-scale blackouts targeting at heavier load and frequent bad weather in the summer.

????Source: Xinhua News Agency

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