NDRC: Promote Energy Saving and Emission Reduction from Eight Aspects

????In order to realize this year??s target for energy saving and emission reduction, promote low-carbon and green development and create a good foundation for the twelfth Five-Year Plan, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will further promote energy saving and emission reduction from eight aspects, as it said on August 9.

????NDRC will strengthen the macro guidance, analyze the overall situation, improve early-warning and control capability, and regularly release different areas?? barometer to meet their targets.

????To strengthen the target responsibility assessment and supervision, NDRC will announce the provincial governments?? assessment results on energy saving and emission reduction of 2012 to intensify the use of these results and accelerate the elimination of the backward production capacity, strictly verify new projects and control the excessive growth of high energy-consuming industries.

????Meanwhile, China will implement some key projects, such as energy saving transformation, energy saving technology industrialization demonstration, favorable energy saving products, energy performance contracting promotion and energy saving capacity building.

????In the key areas, NDRC will push forward the low-carbon action among thousands of enterprises, launch the green building campaign, promote low-carbon transport system and carry out the conservation-oriented public demonstration units?? construction.

????NDRC will strengthen the governance of environmental pollution to solve the prominent issues about air, water and heavy metals, which are closely related with people??s health.

????NDRC will carry out the circular economy demonstration action to build demonstration cities and counties, construct the national "urban mining" demonstration bases and kitchen waste recycling pilot projects, as well as the parks?? recycling transformation.

????NDRC will continue to increase the investment on energy performance contracting project and strengthen the revision of energy saving standards.

????Meanwhile, NDRC will focus on raising people's awareness of energy saving and emission reduction and further popularize it among all Chinese people. (Zhang Chenyue, Jiang Guocheng)

????Source: Xinhua News Agency

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