China??s Environmental Industry to Step into a Golden Era with the Government??s Support

????BEIJING, Aug. 11 (Xinhua, Li You) -- The State Council issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Environmental Industry to help boost energy-saving and environmental protection, alleviate the resource and environment bottleneck and raise the total output value of environmental protection industries to 4.5 trillion yuan (729.7 billion U.S. dollars) by 2015, indicating that China??s environmental industry will step into a golden era with the government??s strong support. It is also an important action reflecting the new government aiming at coordinating steady growth, structure adjustment, reform promotion and livelihood improvement.

????China's environmental situation is very grim at this stage with frequent pollution incidents. Due to historical reasons and regional characteristics, the current environmental industry is small in scale, backward in technology, imperfect in laws and regulations and unbalanced in development of different fields.

????Although in the first half year, China's energy consumption per GDP fell by 3.4%, and the emissions of sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and nitrogen oxide continued to decline year on year, the inefficient use of resources and problems of environmental protection are still serious. The issue of the Opinions at this critical moment of ecological civilization construction has great significance to ease the restraint of resources and environment, boost domestic demand, transform the pattern of economic development, promote industrial upgrading and enhance the endogenous dynamics.

????The Opinions puts forward a three-year objective, which sketches out a blueprint for the development. By 2015, the total output value of environmental industry will reach 4.5 trillion yuan (729.7 billion U.S. dollars) with an average annual growth of 15 percent, becoming a new pillar industry, which will effectively stimulate consuming demand through promoting energy saving products, increase social investment through enhancing engineering capability and support the upgrade of traditional industries and transformation of economic developing mode.

????What are our focuses on the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly industry? The Opinions defines four key tasks. First, enhance the overall level in key areas, which is to accelerate the development of technology and equipment in energy-saving, environmental protection and resource recycling, and strengthen the related service in an innovative model. Second, play the government??s leading role in absorbing social investment to project construction and technological transformation, implement the key projects in pollution governance, promote the Parks?? recycling transformation, and accelerate urban environmental infrastructure construction to launch green building and transport. Third, keep on enforcing and adjusting the policy of using green products for the good of the people, implement energy efficiency leadership action plan, improve certification system for green products, introduce the policy of ??old for reproduced products?? to drive consumption of green products. Fourth, strengthen technological innovation and improve the competitiveness of green industries, focusing on building companies?? innovation capacity, mastering the core technology, accelerating the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and promoting international cooperation and team building.

????We believe that along with the Opinions, China's environmental industry will step into a golden era, as it points out the direction for governing environmental pollution, improving the ecological environment, transforming mode, adjusting structure and promoting sustainable development. To the majority of green industries, it is a rare opportunity, an important responsibility and a glorious mission. We must seize the opportunity to strengthen technological innovation, develop innovative models, master the core technology, further meet the market demand and industrial upgrade needs and constantly enhance the competitiveness in domestic and international market. By doing these, we will contribute more to better governed environmental pollution and an improved ecological environment, which will help China's economic restructuring and upgrade.

????Source: Xinhua News Agency

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