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  • Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project Put into Trial Run
    The Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project, by far the largest power transmission and transformation project built in the coldest region at the highest altitude with the most construction difficulties, was put into trial run on December 9, 2011, one year ahead of its schedule.
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1000kV Jindongnan- Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Pilot Project

1000kV Jindongnan Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Pilot Project starts at Changzhi substation in southeastern Shanxi province, passes through Nanyang switching station in Henan province and ends at Jingmen substation in Hubei province. The single circuit stretches 640 kilometers, crossing Yellow River and the Han River. It has transforming capacity of 6000MVA, with a nominal voltage of 1000kV and the highest operation voltage of 1100 kV.

Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800 kV UHV DC Transmission Pilot Project

Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800 kV UHV DC Transmission Pilot Project, domestically researched, developed, designed and constructed, is the world's most advanced UHV DC transmission project with the highest capacity, longest distance, most-advanced technology and highest voltage. It's a world-class innovative achievement made by China in the field of energy and represents the highest level of the DC transmission technology in the world.

Qinghai-Tibet 750kV/+/-400kV AC/DC Grid Interconnection Project
Qinghai-Tibet Grid Interconnection Project is the Project composed of Xining-Riyue Mountain-Wulan- Gomud 750kV AC project and Gomud- Lhasa +/-400 kV DC power transmission project and other auxiliary projects, with a total investment of 16.286 billion Yuan. It will be put into operation in 2012.
Ningdong-Shandong +/-660kV DC Project
Ningdong-Shandong +/-660kV DC Project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on November,8th, 2010, started construction on November 15th the same year and will be put into operation by the end of 2010. It is the world??s first DC transmission project leveled at +/-660kV and also a key project in a series of projects at the same voltage level.
Four Bases and Two Centers
SGCC UHV AC Test Base was completed and put into operation on November 26th, 2008, with twelve world-record in experimental facility and capability. As an import part of the company??s UHV AC Test Base Project, the test base will serve as a powerful support to China??s UHV grid construction and development.
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