600 kV UHV DC High-end Converter Transformer Passed Type Test

Following up the success of type test on the first 800 kV UHV DC high-end converter transformer, the first 600 KV high-end converter transformer of Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ±800 KV UHV DC power transmission pilot project has passed all tests on Jan. 21, 2009, three months in advance of the scheduled time, which signifies that the research on key equipments of UHV DC power transmission system has reached a new level.

State Grid Corporation of China has conquered many difficulties and reached the state of art level in terms of design, production and testing technology of 800 kV and 600 kV UHV DC converter transformer. Many senior experts invited by SGCC have been involved in the design, supervision and testing process of the equipments and stipulate quality standards. Through in-depth discussion and absorbing international advanced experiences on insulation design of the first 800kV product, the first 600 KV high-end converter transformer has passed type test following up the success of the first 800 KV products, with all indicators meeting the requirements of technical specifications and some of them performed even better than the requirements, such as local discharge volume.

The success of the type test will further promote the construction of UHV DC power transmission demonstration project and foster the application pace of UHV DC power transmission technology.

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