UHV AC Transmission Project Achieved One-year Safe Operation

On January 6th , 1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jinmen UHV AC Demonstration Project, which was independently developed, designed and constructed with intellectual property rights, achieved one-year safe and stable operation. The practice proves that China has been able to execute large-scale application of UHV AC transmission technology.

This project has the highest operation voltage and most advanced technology in the world. The successful practice provides the foundation for the following UHV projects implementation and the construction of strong and smart grid with UHV grid as the backbone.

At the end of 2004, China proposed to develop UHV transmission. In August 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission approved UHV AC Pilot Demonstration Project, which commenced in the same year. This project connects North China power grid with Central China power grid. It begins from Shanxi Jindongnan Substation in the north and ends at Hubei Jingmen Substation in the south, passing Henan Nanyang Switchgear Station. The transmission line is 640 km long with capacity of 3000 MVA in each terminal substation. At 22:00, January 6th 2009, the project passed the 168 hours commissioning test and was put into operation.

This project met the design expectation with the highest operation voltage of 1082kV and the largest transmission capacity of 2830MW. It realized full voltage and large capacity transmission. The system withstood extreme weathers like lighting, storm, heavy wind, high temperature and various operation manipulations and forms and kept stable operation with all the equipment in normal condition. Up to 24 January 6th 2010, the project finished total transmission of 9.1 TWh from North power grid to Central power grid is 5.8 TWh and from North hydropower to North is 3.3TWh. Based on the UHV transmission advantages of long distance, large capacity and low loss, this project improves the capability of trans-regional optimized resource allocation and devotes to alleviating power supply stress in central China.

Over the past one year, the project experienced various tests such as summer peak load, yearly maintenance, winter high demand, demonstrating the applicable technology, equipment reliability, system safety and environment-friendliness in UHV transmission projects. It is a major breakthrough in UHV core technology with characteristics of long distance, large capacity and low loss as well as equipment localization in China. It is of great significance in advancing scientific development of the power industry and ensuring national energy safety and reliable supply.

Source: State Grid News

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