UHV AC Demonstration Project Realized Safe Operation for A Hundred Days

UHV system and equipments undergo smoothly and 2.528 Twh power traded

As of 0:00, April 16, 2009, independently researched, designed and constructed 1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC demonstration project has been operating wll over 100 days. It has accomplished the first incident-free hundred days. The UHV system and equipment has been under reliable operation and transmission, and traded power reached 2.528 Twh.

UHV AC demonstration project has the highest voltage and transmission capacity, and represents the highest standard transmission project in the world. The project connects North China and Central China grids. It starts from Jindongnan Substation in Shanxi Province of North China, through Nanyang Switching Station in Henan Province, and ends in Jingmen Substation of Hubei Province. The line is as long as 640 km, with substation capacity of 3000 MVA at both ends.

Now the UHV line delivers surplus thermal power in Shanxi Province, the thermal power base, to Central China, with peak power transmission more than 2000 MW, fully addressing the power demand of Central China in dry seasons. While in flood seasons, hydropower in Central China is transmitted to North China via the UHV line to reduce the local coal consumption.

The UHV AC Demonstration Project was approved by NDRC in August of 2006, and the construction was kicked off at the end of that year. The project entered pilot running for 168 hours after overall system debugging on Dec 30, 2008. The project passed operation examination and was put into operation at 22:00, Jan 6, 2009.

The UHV system and equipments has been in stable operation since its initiation. Its technical feasibility, equipment reliability, system security, and advancement and environmental friendliness of design and construction have been validated.

Successful operation and stable running of UHV AC demonstration project is a sign that UHV power transition from theory to practice. It stands for a great breakthrough of UHV core technology in terms of long distance, huge capacity, low wastage and equipment localization. Continuous management of UHV operation is of great significance to state power security and scientific power industry development. The construction and development of UHV grid will promote large scale intensive development of hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and renewable energy source and optimal allocation of energy sources in a larger scope, help to address short supply of coal, power and transportation, and better guarantee the state energy security and reliable power supply.

The construction and development of UHV grid is also beneficial to state power market development, play the basic role of market in energy sources allocation, fulfill power transmission and trade over large area and long distance, effectively alleviate the short supply of power, direct power investment, and better adjust power balance; meanwhile, it also helps to improve the technology of our national grid technology, power equipment manufacturing and technology level of relevant industries, and improve the overall competitiveness of power enterprises as well.

Information source: State Grid News

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