UHV Demonstration Project is Making a Steady Progress

Currently, the line building of the first domestic 1000 kV UHV AC demonstration test project is on full swing now. Work of all aspects of the project is going smoothly.

As is known, civil constructions at three UHV substations (switch stations) in Jindongnan (southeast Shanxi), Nanyang and Jinmen were pushed forward steadily as planed. By April 18th of 2007, in the phase of "four supplies and one level" (i.e. electricity, water, road, gas supplies and leveled ground) of Jindongnan substation, the first layer concrete filling and masonry building for slope protection of the pull-in road have been finished. The basic leveling of site ground and the masonry building of the major body of the walls has been finished. The power and water for construction have been connected. The office area and residential area have been put into use. The drainage outside the substations has been constructed. 500 kV foundation bolts installation and support formwork have been finished. Now, the pouring of concrete has been done for six foundations.

The construction of pull-in road of Nanyang switch station has come to its ending phase. The dominating control and communication building has finished its first layer concrete filling. The raindrop system outside the substation has been finished. Half of the workload of the raindrop system inside the substation has been done. The inside road of substation around the dominating control and communication building has finished with the concrete filling for the surface of its temporary road. 1000 kV framework has finished 30% construction of pile foundation.

The ground-leveling project of Jinmen substation has mostly been finished as requested in the contract except part of slope protection and apron project. Currently, the project is engaging the ending work. The civil constructions like the main control and communication building, inside road inside the substation, drainage project etc. will be on full swing gradually.

Source: Public Relations Department

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