18 World Records will be made in Sichuan-Shanghai??800KV UHV DC Power Transmission Demonstration Project 

 On May 21st, the foundation for Sichuan-Shanghai??800KV UHV DC Power Transmission Demonstration Project was laid in Shanghai. It is up to now that the highest voltage level DC transmission project in the world with the longest transmission distance and largest transmission capacity. The implementation of the project signifies the prelude to the overall construction of SGCC??s UHV project.

The demonstration project begins from Sichuan Fulong Converter Station and ends at Shanghai Fengxian Converter Station, where the foundation is located. Two ??800KV UHV converter stations will be built with the rated transmission power of 6400 MW and the largest transmission power of 7000 MW, as well as a 2000 km long ??800KV UHV DC power transmission line passing 8 provinces (municipalities), namely, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai. With an estimated dynamic investment of about RMB 18 billion, the project is scheduled to put into operation in 2011.

 The demonstration project is built to transmit power from Xiangjiaba Hydroelectric Power Station, the lowest power station in Jinsha River lower reaches?? cascade hydroelectric development. With 6000 MW installed capacity, Xiangjiaba power station will see its first group of units generating power in 2012 and the whole power station completed in 2015.

The demonstration project will set up a bridge between East China Power Grid and Central China Power Grid. While converting Sichuan??s hydropower advantage into an economic edge, the project will also enhance the integration of Sichuan power grid into the national grid, providing a platform for Sichuan to be part of the national power resource??s optimal allocation. Meanwhile, transmitting clean hydropower from Southwestern China to eastern load center can substitute coal-fired units in electricity-receiving areas, thus remarkably reduce environmental pollution and coal transportation pressure. It??s estimated that the project, after completion, can replace 6000 MW coal-fired units, saving 15 million tons of coal, avoiding the emission of 200,000 tons of sulphur dioxide, 40,000 tons of nitrogen-oxygen compound as well as the transportation of 15 million tons of coal.

 In addition, 18 world records will be set up in terms of highest voltage level, largest transmission power, largest rated current, longest transmission power, largest unit corridor transmission capability and highest reliability specification.

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