UHVAC Demonstration Program Passed Pre-Review by Ministry of Land and Resources P.R.C

    June 30, Ministry of Land and Resources P.R.C approved the land application by Jindongnan Substation, Nanyang Switchgear Substation and Jinmen Substation to be built for the 1000kV UHVAC Transmission and Transformation pilot project connecting Southeast Shanxi, Nanyang and Jinmen. With this approval, the 1000kV pilot project has reached all the required standards set for such projects.

    Previously, State Environment Protection Administration of China has approved the Environment Impact Report on the 1000kV UHVAC Southeast Shanxi- Nanyang- Jinmen pilot project and the Ministry of Water Resources has approved the Water and Soil Conservation Report on this project. During the same period, the local land and resources management sector of Shanxi, Henan and Hubei provinces have passed relevant land application and right-of-way pre-review, so were the other special review reports approved by related government offices. Therefore the first UHVAC transmission project has completed all the early-stage work required by the National Development and Reform Commission.

    Guided by the Scientific Development Concept, SGCC leadership paid high attention to the early-stage preparation of the UHVAC project. After rigid review and careful planning, the UHVAC pilot project has reached unprecedented height in terms of its planning, design and self-independent innovation of technical equipment. The 1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jinmen pilot project is set with an aim as to be an ??environment friendly project which shares harmony with the society??, fully demonstrating UHVAC??s advantages in accommodating the environment, saving land and optimizing economic resources allocation, and meanwhile fostering the upgrading of grid technology and equipment manufacturing capability.

    Resources: SGCC UHV Office

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