Address at the 2006 International Conference of UHV Transmission Technology
Zhu Gaofeng Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

(Nov. 28th 2006)

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

I am greatly honored to participate in 2006 International Conference of UHV Transmission Technology where we can discuss the development and application of the UHV Power Transmission Technology with electrical power experts from all around the world. I hereby on behalf of Chinese Academy of Engineering, extend the warmest congratulation to the opening of the conference!

Chinese Academy of Engineering has given very much attention to the development of UHV power transmission technology. In 2005, entrusted by State Grid Corporation of China, our academy organized more than 30 academicians and experts to do a special research on the necessity, innovative significance, feasibility for China to develop the UHV power transmission technology, and on the construction design of the experimental demonstration project for the UHV AC Power Transmission experiments etc. In ??Consultant Suggestions on the Research and Project Construction of Chinese UHV Power Transmission Project??, conclusion was drawn that UHV Power Transmission Technology has a significant and bright engineering application outlook in China; and it is necessary for China to expedite the steps in research and engineering application of UHV power transmission technology.

Energy is very important material foundation needed for survival and development of the human society. Since the 21st Century, with the revival of the global economy, the world??s demand for energy has sharply grown and the contradiction between supply and demand has become more and more obvious. It is a global difficulty to deal with the lack of energy as soon as possible. In China, with the rapid development of economy and the expedited process of industrialization and rural urbanization, the demand for energy, especially electric power, has grown very fast. Therefore the development of the power industry has to be speeded up. It is estimated that by 2020, the power consumption of the whole Chinese society will have been over 6000 TWh, and the largest power installation over 12 GW, more than twice as much as it is now.

In China, energy resources and energy consumption are not in equilibrium. The regions with abundant energy resources are very far from the developed areas. Geographically speaking, the energy is distributed more in the north but less in the south, and more in the west and less in the east. The southwest hydropower base and the northwest coal-powered stations are 800 to 3000 Km from the mid east region. To meet the power demands from the social development and people??s livelihood in the future, objectively, it is supposed to realize the optimized allocation of the energy in very large scale through a strong power grid. Since the current 500 kV power grids are limited for long distance and large volume power transmission, it is very hard for the western hydropower base and the north coal-power base to transmit power with high efficiency to the central and eastern region. Therefore, a large number of coal-powered projects have to be installed, which tightens the situation of coal supply, transportation and environmental protection, lowering the efficiency of energy configuration.

Therefore, to secure the harmony between China??s energy and the development of economy and society, it is necessary to build long-distance, great capacity and low loss UHV power transmission system. It will help the intensive development of the large-scale coal-power, hydropower and nuclear generation bases and it will help to optimize the energy production and consumption configuration; it will help the western regions to change the energy advantage into economy benefits, so as to promote the harmonious development of the regional economy; it will also help to improve the framework of the power grid and enhance the safety of the power grid; it will help to decrease the cost for the construction of power grid, to save land resources, to relieve the pressure of transportation and environmental protection, to improve the management efficiency and promote the construction of energy-saving and environment-friendly society. The development of the UHV power grid goes with the actual situation of China; it is a great strategy for the sustainable development of the power industry; it is very important for the overall construction of a well-off society and a harmonious society; it will also promote the development of the electricity power industry of the world.

Firstly, it will promote the innovation and development of the electric power technologies. There have been great achievements and experiences in the technology research and experimental application of the UHV power transmission technology from other countries, which contributes a lot to China??s development of UHV power transmission construction. At present, there is no commercially operation UHV power transmission system. China??s construction and operation of the experimental demonstration project for the UHV power transmission will change the situation. It is very innovative, and it will play a very positive role in the future development and application of the UHV power transmission technology in the world.

Secondly, it will promote the in-depth studies into the operation theories of the large power grid. The security of the power grid is a great concern of the whole world. The development of the UHV power grid will encourage every country to do extensive research into the operation practices and security mechanism of the UHV power grid, thus helping every country to improve the standard of security and the stableness of the operation.

Thirdly, it will promote the international energy cooperation and trans-national electricity transmission. China??s development of UHV power transmission system makes it possible for Russian and Mongolia to transmit large-capacity electricity over long distances, and it creates more beneficial conditions for the energy and economy cooperation in this area. The development of UHV Power grid sets an example for the energy development and cooperation of other countries and regions.

Fourthly, it will promote the development of the manufacturing industry of electrical equipments. The development of the UHV power grid requires the research and production of a great many new electric equipments. It provides more rooms for the manufacturing technologies of AC and DC power transmission equipments. And it will be very valuable opportunities for the manufacturing enterprises of electrical equipments of both China and other countries. With the construction and development of UHV power transmission project, many competitive equipment-manufacturers in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing will grow and develop.

The development of the UHV Power grid is a complex systematic project. China, based on its full understanding of international experiences and achievements, should pay great attention to the following four tasks:

Firstly, the power grid planning work should be strengthened. The scientific development planning of the power grid, including UHV power grid, will be designed according to the national energy development strategy and will be constantly adjusted. A lot of effort will be made to realize the coordination between the electricity power planning and national energy development plan and social economic development plan, the coordination between the grid planning and electricity energy, as well as the coordination of the power grid planning at all levels. With the principal ideas that the national power grid should be regarded as a whole and the instructional designed function, we should improve and adjust the power grid structure and layout and power resources to make sure that electricity can be transmitted and utilized, and also to secure the safe and efficient electricity supply. The aim is to realize the safe, economic, and clean development of the electricity power industry.

Secondly, the technological research should be strengthened. UHV is the top electricity technologies of the world. We should well summarize the past research results and learn from the successful international experiences to strengthen the technological studies and to improve the technological performance of UHV. We will dedicate out efforts to realize new breakthroughs on UHV grid theories and project application technologies to lay theoretical foundation for the UHV project construction as well as the technological supports.

Thirdly, the research and development of the important equipments should be strengthened. The UHV equipments will operate at very high voltage level. It requires higher mechanical performance, electrical performance, and security standards. The enterprises, research and development institutes need to be well coordinated and take the benefit of joint cooperation. They will facilitate development of UHV equipments manufacture technologies, make breakthroughs on the core technologies of key equipments, enhance the supply capacity of the equipments, and secure the smooth development of UHV project.

Fourthly, promote the construction of the experimental demonstration project. The development and promotion of new technologies will need project site practices. The current working focus is the success of the experimental demonstration project. As the first 1000 kV UHV AC power transmission project, it has the important function of equipments and system certifying test. It is directly relevant to the development and application of UHV technologies both at home and abroad. It is also relevant to the future of the UHV grid development. So we shall bring out all advantages motivate all kinds of man power in order to make sure a successful project and to realize the very good start point of the development of UHV power grid.

The development of UHV power system is still in its starting stage in China and we still have a long path to go. Chinese Academy of Engineering will continuously support the work related to UHV power transmission technology as usual, and to make contributions to facilitate the sustainable development of China??s power industry and to construct the socialism harmonious society.

Thank you very much!

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