Remarks at 2006 International Conference on UHV Transmission Technology
Wang Yeping, Vice Chairman

(Nov. 28th 2006)
State Electricity Regulatory Commission of China

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to participate in the 2006 International Conference on UHV Transmission Technology. This event represents a high-profile and high-level international gathering in the area of UHV technology since the advent of the new century. I hereby, on behalf of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission of China (SERC), would like to extend my warm congratulations on the convening of the 2006 International Conference on UHV Transmission Technology, and a cordial welcome to all the experts and delegates, who are present here from at home and abroad.

Since the inception of the era of reform and opening-up, China??s electric power industry has scored enormous achievements amid the country??s booming economy. The sophistication of electrical technology and equipment has improved dramatically, as manifested by rapid growth in large-capacity, high-parameter and environment-friendly units and growing capacity for optimizing resource allocation by the power grid. China??s power industry has entered a new stage of accelerating development, making itself a significant contributor to socio-economic progress. By the end of 2005, total installed power generation capacity across the country had hit 517 GW while the total length of transmission lines for 220 KV and above had exceeded 250,000 km and the transforming capacity had reached 870,000 MVA. At present, China ranks the second worldwide in terms of both installed generation capacity and generation. Thanks to the implementation of the key strategies for building a well-off society in an all-round manner and fostering a socialist harmonious society, China??s electricity sector is set to continue to boom in the years to come. It is estimated that by 2020 total installed capacity across the entire country will exceed 1,200 GW and total consumption will top 6,000 Twh, which means the current figures will be more than doubled. That will present once-in-a-life opportunities and immense challenges for the country??s electric power industry.

Balanced growth in power grids and generation represents a fundamental guarantee for the electric power industry??s sound development. For a long time, China??s power sector has been plagued by ??over-emphasis on generation, inadequate attention to transmission and little regard for utilization??. As a result, spending on grid development has been insufficient, leaving grid conditions in undesirable shape. Over the past two years, generation facilities have been built and put into operation at such a quick pace that installed capacity has been expanding by over 65 GW with each passing year. That has resulted in a growing mismatch between generation and grid development, which has fallen far behind the growth in generation capacity. As the existing grids lack the capacity to optimize resource allocation and the backbone network is not secure enough to be accident-free, this situation has become an enormous constraint, which hinders the power sector??s efforts to achieve sustained, sound and balanced growth. Against this backdrop, we must meet the needs of economic and social development by vigorously improving overall planning for generation and grid development. We need to properly set priorities between power generation and grid construction. We shall devote even more resources toward grid construction, speed up the construction for inter-regional, regional, provincial and rural-urban grids. We shall also improve the grids?? transmission capacity. That will help us achieve balanced growth in generation and grid construction and make sure that the grid??s capacity will catch up with that of power generation.

In order to step up the grid??s development, we must rely on technological advances, strive for self-reliant innovation and choose grid technology and development models that fit China??s context. With the approval of the Chinese government, the State Grid Corporation has begun to construct the pilot demonstration project of Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHVAC transmission. The manufacturing of UHV facilities has been identified as one of the key projects for revitalizing the country??s equipment manufacturing industry under the 11th Five-Year Development Program. This represents a major breakthrough and useful experiment of China??s grid technology and construction. The construction and operation of the pilot demonstration project of UHVAC transmission will play a positive role in improving the inadequacies of the grid and boosting the grid??s capacity to optimize resource allocation. It will also have significant and far-reaching implications for the future grid technology development and construction in China and the world at large.

Safety in grid has a direct bearing on economic development, social stability and national security. Worldwide, the UHV transmission technology remains a nascent technology. China??s UHV transmission technology is in its infancy. Therefore, we stand ready to solicit the insight of international experts regarding UHV transmission technology. We will fully draw upon the experience of those pioneering countries so that we can make sure that the UHV demonstration project of China will proceed in a more scientific and sound manner so as to ensure the smooth construction and safe operation of the UHV demonstration project.

Distinguished colleagues and friends,

China shall learn and draw upon from advanced international experience to develop its economy. China??s power industry hopes to achieve more success stories to make active contribution for power business advancement of the world. Today we are bringing together hundreds of electrical experts, scholars and corporate executives from across the world to jointly explore UHV transmission technology and share our experience in constructing UHV grids. This event will have significant implications. I am convinced that this conference will give a powerful impetus to the development and innovation of China??s UHV transmission technology and considerably strengthen international cooperation over the field of UHV grids.

May the conference be a full success!

Thank you for your attention.


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