Address at the 2006 International Conference of the UHV Transmission Technology
Shao Ning Vice Minister

(Nov. 28th 2006)

State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honor to attend the 2006 International Conference of the UHV Power Transmission Technology hosted by State Grid Corporation of China. Hereon, on behalf of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, I sincerely extend my warm congratulations to this conference.

The present era is an era that comes forth of technological innovations. Informationization and globalization became the distinct characteristics of today??s world economic development. As a country of large population, after decades of rapid economic growth, China now has stepped into a new period that focuses on technological progress. To deal with the opportunities and challenges brought up by the new world technology revolution, and promote the economic growth from resources-oriented one to innovation-driven one and realize the sustainable development of the economic society, China made the strategic decision of building an innovation-oriented country and actively encouraged the enterprises to be the principal part in research and development investment, in the technological innovation activities and in innovation achievements applications.

The role, function and the research capacity of the SOEs determines that it must play an important role in the process of building an innovation-oriented country. As a specially established organization under the State Council that fulfills the responsibilities of fund-provider on behalf of the country, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission attaches great importance to the innovations of the SOEs and actively encourages the SOEs to take the national technologic development programming as guide, carry out the technological innovations and continuously to enhance the enterprises?? innovation vigor so as to promote their sustainable development.

The UHV power transmission technology and its related equipments manufacturing technology are the advanced technology in the field of electric power technology and electric equipment manufacturing as well as the key technology R&D program that categorized into the nation??s middle and long term technological development plan and equipment manufacturing industry rejuvenation. On the basis of China??s energy resources supply and demand situation, the economic and society??s development trend and the deep understanding of the objective electric power rules, State Grid Corporation of China proposes the policy of developing the UHV power transmission, promoting the intensive exploration of the large scale coal-power, hydropower and nuclear-power bases and carrys out the resource allocation optimization nationwide from the height of promoting the sustainable development of China??s electric power and energy resource industry. This kind of thinking is in accordance with the requirements of building an innovation-oriented country and with the requirements of enterprises?? innovative development. Therefore, it received the approval and support of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

With the approval of the UHV AC experimental and demonstration project, China??s UHV power transmission has stepped into an implementation period. To build, operate and manage the experimental and demonstration project well by the means of technological innovations and the solutions to the key technological problems is the important task in present period. State Grid Corporation of China should play a full role of the principal part in the technological innovations and complete the following key works on the basis of the research demonstration and technological R&D program in the previous period: 1. Further strengthen the technological resource integration within the enterprises and cooperate with the domestic and foreign technology research institutions and equipment manufacturing enterprises to further carry out the research on key issues and the technological R&D program so as to meet the needs of the construction. 2. Further strengthen the international communication and cooperation, borrow and learn the foreign countries?? experience and fruits to promote the perfection and maturity of the UHV power transmission technology. 3. Further strengthen the transformation of the research results and apply the research results into construction practice in time. For those that have prospect of industrialization should be actively supported, trained and developed. 4. Further strengthen the construction of the scientific and technologic talents. Train and develop a group of first-class talents through the implementation of the experimental and demonstration project so as to provide a firm talents guarantee for the operation, management and the following-up project construction after the construction has been put into production. In a word, through the UHV experimental and demonstration project, it should bring the SOEs?? role into full play in the process of the innovation-oriented country construction so as to make their contributions to the development of the economy and society.

To create an excellent environment for the SOEs?? implementation of the technological innovations, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission are now working on the following four aspects: 1. Further improve the policies and establish a comprehensive performance evaluation system that leads the enterprises?? technological innovations. Establish an innovation encouraging mechanism so as to promote the enterprises?? technological innovations. 2. Strengthen the strategic programming management. Categorize the enterprises?? technological innovations to the enterprises?? development strategy and programming. Improve the guidance for the enterprises?? technological work. 3. Establish a technological coordinated mechanism and create an excellent policy environment for the enterprises?? technological innovations. 4. Promote the establishment of the modern enterprise system and set up the dynamic mechanism of the enterprises?? independent innovations.

With the deepening of the economic globalization, the international cooperation has become a trend. State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission actively encourages Chinese state-owned enterprises to communicate and cooperate with the enterprises from various countries on the basis of mutual benefits. Today, there are more than 350 experts from 19 countries and regions gather together in Beijing to exchanges ideas and share the results and experiences of the UHV power transmission technology. It will definitely promote the solutions to the key problems in the field of UHV power transmission as well as the sustainable development of the world electric power industry and energy resource industry.

Finally, I wish the success of the conference.

Thank you??

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