Minutes of the 2006 International Conference of UHV Transmission Technology Conference

Nov 29th , 2006

From 27th to 29th Nov 2006, representatives from electric utilities, research institutes, consulting companies, associations, universities, financial organizations and equipment manufacturing enterprises from 19 countries and regions attended 2006 International Conference of UHV Transmission Technology in Beijing. The representatives conducted in-depth discussion concerning the challenges faced by electric power industry, studied the goal and orientation of the electric grid development, exchanged the research result of the UHV power transmission technology and reached consensus.

Discovery and application of electricity is one of the most important achievements in human history. As an economical, convenient and clean energy, the consumption level of the electricity is an important symbol of a society??s civilization. Electric power industry is an important base for economic and social development and thus plays an important role in promoting the world economic development and advancement of human being society.

Technology innovation is the drive and source for electric power development. Ever since electricity was invented, generations of electric power engineers have kept making active innovations and continuous efforts to promote the great progress of the electric power development. The scale of electric grid keeps expanding, the voltage grade keeps improving and the economic status and reliability of the electric power system operation keeps improving. All of these support the economic and social development.

Since the middle of last century, human society began to face the dual burden of resources and environment, which posed new challenges to electric power industry. To meet the needs of continuous and rapid growth of the electric power, some countries in the world have made research on 1000-1600 kV UHV transmission technology, among which the former Soviet Union, Italy and Japan have completed UHV industrial pilot projects.

We realized that the UHV transmission has the advantages of large transmission capacity, long distance power transmission, low line loss, economical investment, efficient utilization of corridor and strong network connecting ability, etc. It is the important development orientation of the power transmission technology and thus has a significant role in promoting the innovative development of the world electric power industry.

According to the available research result and the construction experience, we believe that the UHV transmission has no insurmountable obstacles in technology; it has stepped into a construction application period and has a broad application prospect.

We have noticed that the Chinese electric power demand keeps growing while the energy resources and electricity load center are extremely imbalance. It is necessary to build a large scale and long distance AC and DC hybrid electric grid. The construction of the UHV grid could promote the highly efficient development and utilization of China??s energy resources and thus facilitates the sustainable development of China??s energy industry.

We appreciate the efforts that State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) made in the aspects of developing the UHV power transmission technology. In recent years, China actively promoted the research of UHV transmission technology and made breakthrough and thus further improved the UHV power transmission technology. China's construction of the 1000 kV UHV AC and ??800 kV UHV DC pilot construction does not only have an important significance to China, but also to many other countries and regions.

To build the electric grid, develop the electric power and serve the global economic growth and social progress are the historical task we are facing. We propose that technology communication mechanism of UHV transmission should be built to strengthen the technical communication and cooperation, share the experience and knowledge, promote the international research and application of the UHV transmission technology and deal with the challenges faced by the sustainable development of the electric power industry in the new century.   

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