UHV Transmission Tower Test Base of SGCC passed inspection and acceptance

The construction of the UHV Transmission Tower Test Base was completed and it passed the inspection and acceptance of SGCC on November 3 and 4, 2009.

The UHV Transmission Tower Test Base consists of longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal reversal loading towers with the height of 133 to 150 meters, hydraulic loading system in four directions, one universal test foundation, component lab as well as observation, measurement and control facilities and other related auxiliary facilities. The Test Base is capable of full-scale test of 8??1000 mm2 1000kV AC double circuit lines on the same tower with altitude of 2500m and 20mm middle-degree ice covering as well as 10??900 mm2 ??1000kV DC single circuit line with altitude of 5000m and 30mm ice covering. .

As of now the Test Base has completed full-scale tests of 5-base double circuit tubular tower in the Anhui-to-East transmission project, 3-base angle steel tower in Jinping-Sunan project as well as the full-scale test of 1000kV human shape structure. The experiment data of the Test Base ensure the construction of east UHV project.

As an important part of SGCC??s UHV test and research system, the UHV Transmission Tower Test Base is the largest full-scale test base in the world with the strongest testing capabilities and most comprehensive functions, which fully meets the requirement of UHV transmission research. The completion of the UHV Transmission Tower Test Base marks the closing of SGCC??s UHV test and research system (??Four Bases??) and lays a solid foundation for leading the world electric power industry.

Source: Department of Science and Technology

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