Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800kV UHV DC Demonstration Project Successfully Energized

At 09:57am, October 26, 2009, the Pole I of +/-800kV DC system in the Fengxian Converter Station and the transmission line of the independently designed and constructed Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ??800kV UHV DC Demonstration Project were stepped up to 800kV, indicating the successfully energization of the world??s first DC transmission project with the largest capacity, longest distance, most advanced technology and highest voltage.

The project pioneers in the world making breakthroughs in both DC transmission voltage and current, opening a new era for DC transmission technology and setting up a milestone for international power industry. The successful energization of the UHV DC project is of great importance to the buildup of strong and smart grid with UHV transmission grid as the backbone and coordinated development of its subordinate networks. It is a leading innovative project in international DC transmission technology, which will provide important basis for independent development of domestic UHV equipment manufacturing capability and contribute to the energy distribution in ultra-large capacity and ultra-long distance. The success of the project will have great significance and profound influence on the scientific development and innovation of the power industry, the development of major energy bases and large-scale power delivery, the acceleration of clean energy development, and the requirement of the soaring power demand in Eastern China.

Source: Department of UHV Construction

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