SGCC Guidance for the implementation of CSR

The Guidance clearly defines eight key terms in CSR application and systematically addresses four fundamental issues in the implementation of CSR: the definition, the reasons, the extent and the methods of CSR fulfilment. The Guidance takes into account both the national and the corporate interest speciic to the grid industry in illustrating the deinition and signiicance of the fulilment of CSR; in highlighting the relationship between the company and stakeholders; in demonstrating 12 CSR aspects to which the company is committed. The Guidance details the strategy of fulilling CSR obligations: irstly, incorporating the fulilment of CSR into the corporate mission, strategy, operation and culture; secondly, actively upholding eight fundamental principles of complying with laws and regulations, honesty and integrity, being transparent and open, being people oriented, risk management, continued improvement, sustained development and creating value.; thirdly, expediting the establishment of CSR management system, reinforcing CSR fulilment capability, introducing CSR performance assessment, encouraging stakeholders'participation, arranging CSR information disclosure mechanism and CSR index system.

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