SGCC Releases the White Paper on Green Development,the First Among Chinese Corps

"Focusing on speeding up the construction of the strong and smart grid and building a green platform of energy distribution to promote green development, SGCC aggregates the potential for green development in the power industry and the whole society. It is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 10.5 billion tons in the next ten years."

SGCC released the White Paper on Green Development on April 19 in Beijing. It's the first of its kind ever released by Chinese companies. 

The White Paper explains the strategic thinking, mission, emphasis,implementation and planning objectives of green development. It also points out that the construction of the strong and smart grid, which uses ultra-high voltage network as the anchor for transmission of energy and coordinates different voltage levels, and which integrates data management,system automation and interactive operations, is the key to China's green transformation and also the strategic emphasis to advance SGCC's green development.

According to the statistics revealed in the White Paper, the strong and smart grid will come into being in 2020.It is also forecast to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 10.5 billion tons in the next 10 years by large-scale transmission and consumption of clean energy,updating the energy utilization efficiency of electric power system,promoting actively energy conservation in the power equipment industry as well as in the whole society, and promoting the development of electric cars. 

The White Paper gives a comprehensive presentation of how SGCC promotes green development. Based on the reality of the country and grid companies, SGCC implements green development strategy, improves an all-round green management through the whole process involving all staff members with full integration.

The construction of a smart grid has been launched in an all round way, carrying out 117 key technical studies, and starting 10 demonstration projects such as Shanghai Expo. The Ultra-high Voltage electricity grid has made some breakthroughs. The 1000KV UHV AC Demonstration Project has been successfully operated for a whole year. Xingjiaba-shanghai +/-800kV UHV DC Pilot Project transmits Southwest green power to Shanghai Expo.

Source: State Grid News

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